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Best Mini Wooden Camera Toy that Engages Kids


The best way to keep kids happy and engaged in the family is to have fun activities and games with them together.

‘Pretend Play’ is one of the best games that parents can have with their children. And it can spur child development while parents won’t be exhausted from handling children.

There are various toys for kids to do these fun games. And the wooden toy I share today is going to help your baby to become a little photographer. That is right, and it’s called wooden cameras!

Besides, I will also list some fantastic wooden cameras that are not only toys but also great for home use in the last part. If you are interested in it, you can directly jump to that part.

Table of Content:

  1. Top Wooden Camera for Kids
  2. Why Wooden Camera
  3. Wooden Cameras that are More Than Toys

Best 4 Wooden Camera Toys on the Market

1. Allywit Kids Cute Wooden Camera Toy

At first, I thought a handmade wooden camera should be costly, but that is not true when I see this Allywit wooden camera toy.

It’s a small and cute wooden camera designed for kids’ pretend play and home decorations. That being said, you can also place it on the wall, and it’s a room decoration that made of natural wood.

It comes with 5 colors to choose from, green, pink, purple, white, the mini wooden camera has a feeling of clean & rustic style. You can see there is a thick strap that is durable and won’t break easily, so you don’t have to worry that it will fall off by accident.

PlanToys Kids’ Wooden Camera Toy

With a kaleidoscope, it’s a versatile toy that has multiple views for kids to play with.
The PlanToys wooden camera is one of the most trusted choices when it comes to wooden camera toys. We think it’s a perfect toy for toddlers to play as it is made up of natural, sustainable PlanWood. The finishing is beautiful and colorful. And they know kids love toys Energizing colors, so you can see that the bright red, blue, yellow all contribute to making it an adorable toy.

Instead of having a long strap, the wooden camera has a cute wrist strap with a dot pattern. So it’s safe and secure, and kids will not miss it easily.

HABA Capture Classic Wooden Toy Camera

The HABA wooden camera has a creative cartoon appearance, which makes it the most popular wooden cameras toys to look upon.

Light-Green elastic handles with rattling rings are comfortable to hold for a little photographer to take their photos. This wooden camera body is beautifully lacquered with safe water-based paint. Due to the presence of solid wood and the paint materials, it is also resistant to wear and tear for a long period of time.

Besides the look, it’s a great role play toy for kids who want to take photos like a grownups photographers as the wooden camera has a button and a prism lens. And the button will trigger squeaks when you press it.

Wodi Wooden Mini Camera Toy for Toddlers

With Multi-Prisms Kaleidoscope and a rainbow surface, it’s not surprising this mini wooden camera falls under the list of kids’ favorites.

This is yet another lovely piece that has a squeaking press shutter button and a wooden rotating lens. Made of natural wood and finished with attractive non-toxic paint, it gives special attention among other wooden cameras in the market.

For parents who want to have a screen-free camera toy, it will be a perfect purchase.

Why Wooden Camera Toy?

There are a couple of ways to start playing ‘Pretend Play’ with your kids. Some parents are fond of buying small pretend play toys that kids can fully control and manage their properties, such as wooden dollhouses, wooden garage stations, wooden train sets.

This is a good way to keep kids busy and entertaining, but the drawback is a lack of real engagement. Playing toys is not as realistic as doing imitation games at the house. Therefore, there is another type of toy for kids’ pretend play. These toys are almost in a 1 to 1 scale. And kids can get jobs done like they have a real occupation. For example, you can dress your child like a cook and make him/her cooking in a wooden kitchen set toy.

How to use a wooden camera as an educational toy?

When it comes to how to play wooden camera toy, you can try below ways to engage with your kid.

You kids can have a great experience as working as a little photographer and learn to communicate with their buddies to discuss how to pose in photos.

Other Wooden Cameras

Actually many wooden cameras can also be home decors, and some of them can be able to work as a storage box. Some brands even make these wooden cameras have a music box inside, and when you open the box, you will hear a melody.

Here are we have also found some wooden cameras that are not for pretend play.

Rolife 3D Vintage Wooden Puzzle Craft Camera Model

In the previous product reviews, we’ve reviewed 3D wooden jigsaw puzzles.

However, this gorgeous wooden camera puzzle has never been discovered before.

Assembling this natural wood puzzle requires patience and intelligence. And it’s also an education toy though, and it is also an amazing wooden decoration for home.

Anbaby Wooden Camera Shape Boxes

This Anababy product looks like a wooden camera toy from the outside, it’s actually a wooden storage box.

You can see the box is well-made with all the features a camera should have: press button, camera lens. But most of the people will never know it can be opened like a wooden lady purse.

Asien Camera Shaped Music Box Wooden

The wooden camera music box has a remarkable look in the market.

Coming in a vintage look, the wooden camera music box helps you relax and release anxiety when you get home. And the materials are solid, non-toxic made with delicate craft. Even the appearance is cute enough that you could just put it on the table as a wooden camera decoration.

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