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Best Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle of 2019 So Far


A lot of people may say jigsaw puzzles are made for the children and toddlers. Actually, it’s not only a toy.

According to research on brain improvement, jigsaw puzzle is one of the ideal options for brain improving. And compared to jigsaw puzzle online games, physical wooden jigsaw puzzles are way more interesting and playable.

1. Why wooden jigsaw puzzles are special

2. Top picks of wooden jigsaw puzzles

3. Things to look when buying a wooden jigsaw puzzle

#1. Why wooden jigsaw puzzles are special

Unlike jigsaw puzzle online games, real jigsaw puzzles are more like a healthier way to train our brains. More importantly, your eyes are not going to be sore when you remaining focused on the puzzle board.

There are many types of material that could be used for jigsaw puzzles. If you search ‘jigsaw puzzles’ at Amazon, 90% of them are made of cardboard – the most common and conventional material. And you probably would also see some are plastic. Among all these options, I would say the wooden jigsaw puzzles are definitely the best.


Jigsaw puzzles that are made of wood are more like an exquisite decoration which will last forever when you get it done, not just a normal one-time jigsaw puzzle. They will not get dirty easily like cardboard jigsaw puzzle. So, if you ask me what I would recommend as a gift? A wooden jigsaw puzzle.

#2. Top picks of wooden jigsaw puzzles

Sharp Brain Zone 3D Wooden Brain Teaser Puzzle

If you are looking for a wood jigsaw puzzle that is for all ages, this would be the best because the pieces are big and it would not harm the kids accidentally.

It comes only with 54 individual pieces, but don’t underestimate the difficulty level of it.

You may get surprised by how complex the little cube is when you receive the item.

UGears 3D Mechanical Wooden Puzzle

Unlike jigsaw puzzles that are commonly seen, this is a mechanical 3D puzzle. It is made of natural & eco-friendly wood material.

It has 443 parts in the whole package, and the estimated time for assembly on the product page is about 10 – 12 hours. During the whole assembly process, you don’t need any glue at all. The rubber bands will do the work.

Wooden oil Painting Jigsaw Puzzle

What is more creative than a wooden painting puzzle? All these beautiful wooden painting puzzles are laser-cut. Here I list some oil painting jigsaw puzzles for you, and each of them contains hundreds of pieces. You can assemble the jigsaw puzzles with your family and friends since there is going to be a lot of work.

#3. Things to look when buying a wooden jigsaw puzzle

When choosing a wooden jigsaw puzzle, there is not much particular to worry about. However, remember the following tips may help.

1. Choose jigsaw puzzles with good quality wood.

Wood quality will affect the durability of the puzzles. if the wood quality is poor, the puzzle will not be new as it was in a short time. What’s more, bad wood will release toxic and harmful chemicals, it might get you dizzy and will even cause some more serious problems. That is why we should buy those jigsaw puzzles that are made of eco-friendly and natural wood.

2. Don’t buy wooden jigsaw puzzles that contain small pieces for kids

Children sometimes will swallow small objects unconsciously. To make sure you kids are always in a safe circumstance, do not buy puzzles with small objects and pieces for them. If you have one, you should get it away from your child.

3. Buy the one you can actually complete.

I’ve been told several times that people have bought a difficult jigsaw puzzle and then they realized that they can’t complete it.

Some wooden jigsaw puzzles are quite pricey because the material and the quality of every single pieces. Do not buy jigsaw puzzles that is too difficult for you if you don’t have enough time to handle.

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