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Wooden Potato Masher – Best Tool For Making Mashed Potatoes


Mashed potatoes are tasty, aren’t they? Do you want to make a delicious mashed potato dish by yourself? If so, the first tool you need is something that can mash the potatoes.

A wooden potato masher is a handy utensil that you can use to mash potatoes like a charm. You can use some kitchen utensils to work as a potato masher such as a wooden cocktail muddler, a wooden rolling pin or tart tamper, but buying a wooden potato masher separately enables you to get the best result. Thus, in this post, we are going to show you why wooden potato masher is good and how to choose a top-performance wooden potato masher.

Why You Should Have a Wooden Potato Masher at House

Compared with other metal potato mashers, a wooden potato masher is more of a tradition to get finely mashed potatoes. A well-made wooden potato masher is more comfortable to hold and will relieve your fatigue when you mashing the potatoes.

Besides, a wooden potato masher is not as expensive as you thought. Although the masher is made of wood, it does not come with a shocking price that we can not afford. If you love elegant home decor style, you will love an antique wooden potato masher in the kitchen, making a beautiful addition to your room.

Most importantly, a wooden potato masher is more environment and more eco-friendly. We use the most natural way to treat our natural food, which could not be any better.

Best 5 Antique Wooden Potato Masher

1. BeldiNest Handmade Wooden Potato Masher


Coming with fancy wooden patterns, the olive wood potato masher by BeldNest is an 8″ fantastic kitchen helper. The elegant luster of olive wood is stored by light wipe of olive oil, so you do not need to worry about if the beautiful finish will fade away. The whole piece is handmade by craftsmen and you can see the grain and craftmanship is textured-made. In addition, the masher comes with a solid weight of olive wood so that you will not get this masher slipped off your hand when making your dishes.

2. 12″ Sauerkraut Solid Wood Pounder – Long Potato Masher

With a 12″ wooden pounder, mashing potato in the bowl is easy peasy. The sauerkraut pounder is made of one-piece solid beech wood. The wood is food-grade and 100% safe, ensuring you a natural feeling when you grip it on your hand. Besides, beech wood is also durable and sturdy that this wooden masher will not crack or split no matter how hard you pound it.

The solid and heavy-duty weight ensures every pound will be efficient and effective. The fantastic 2 ends design offers you more options when it comes to how fine you want the potatoes to be.

3. Solid Acacia Wood Tamper for Sauerkraut & Potato

This is another beautiful antique pounder that is made of Sauerkraut and mashed potatoes, which is made of natural Acacia wood and delicately finished. To mash potatoes, the most important thing about a masher is to have a solid wood weight. Acacia wood is strong and durable, making mashed potatoes becomes an easy task. In addition, it comes with a silicone airlock waterless lid, it is for fermented food such as cabbage and cucumber in the jar.

4. Mrs. Anderson’s Hardwood Tart Tamper

If you are looking for a double-sided potato masher, this hard wood tart tamper can do the job tight and neat. You can see in the picture that the wooden masher has a dual sided design for pounding food ingredients and you can choose the side based on how mashed you want the potatoes to be.

It is a 6 inches long item so that it fits most of the needs of family. The wooden materials of the masher is easy to clean and will not have scrape easily. You do not need to spend much time on cleaning it, just wipe it with a dry cloth, and it maintains a good condition by itself.

5. Home Basics Bamboo Mortar and Pestle


We know that there is always a container needed when making mashup potatoes. Why do not you consider buying this vintage wooden mortar and pestle package? Unlike wooden mortar and pestle that is commonly seen, this mortar and pestle combination is made of natural bamboo, which is light and environmental. The eco-friendly mortar and pestle are excellent for crushing ingredients like herbs and spices. But I found it’s also a great tool to get mashed potatoes because the handle of the pestle is short and thick. Therefore, it is easier to handle the pound and the process will be more efficient and faster.

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