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Top 5 Wooden Dollhouses – Which Is Your Best Choice


Children are picky when it comes to buying a toy.

There is nothing better than a wooden dollhouse to build their dream life simulation in their ages.

The thing is that it’s not going to work if you choose your child’s dollhouse randomly.

I will go through the best wooden dollhouses for you to choose. Plus some important things that you should keep in mind to make sure you don’t make any mistake when buying dollhouses.

Our goal is to make your cute baby excited and start to dance when he or she sees the dollhouses at the moment.

Let’s start today’s topic and hope it will help you make a wise decision:

1. Benefits of Dollhouse Play

2. 2019 Best Wooden Dollhouses

3. Tips on Buying A Wooden DollHouse

So, what is good about building dollhouses for toddlers?

Building a dollhouse by kids themselves, what benefits can they get?

There are some aspects that dollhouses are beneficial.

Before we start, there is always an odd question asked by parents:

Can boys build dollhouse? Is it weird if my boy loves playing dollhouse?

There is one common misunderstanding that dollhouses are just for girls. It’s not true.

Actually, dollhouses are suitable for everybody, sellers even have dollhouses for adults. No matter what gender you are, how old you are. You will always find the joy in building a dollhouse.

If you are considering buying a dollhouse kit for your child, what benefits can a dollhouse bring may more than you can imagine.

1. Benefits of Dollhouse Play

1. Patience

Kids who build a dollhouse will usually spend hours making their own little room and decorations.

Putting a vintage wallpaper for the house’s bedroom, making tiny furniture painting for decorating the living room, that sorts of things require much patience during the building process.

2. Early Childhood Brain Development

Building DIY wooden dollhouse can help babies and toddlers brains to develop.

Especially for kids at a very young age, challenge them with a dollhouse will be beneficial for their mental functioning.

3. Handicraft

We all want our kids to be handly and smart. But handiness and intelligence won’t just come for nothing.

Building a dollhouse requires skills of handling and organising materials and tools, having things done in order, installing and setting up different room decoration.

During the process, kids will face problems that they have never encountered, such as failing at making the dollhouse stable, lack of experience in placing small decoration.

Parents can take this opportunity to teach them a lesson and improve their handicraft abilities.

2. Best 5 Wooden Dollhouses in 2019

1. Melissa & Doug Fold & Go Wooden Dollhouse

Melissa & Doug has been producing dollhouses for more than 30 years, and it’s always the one represents good quality.

The fold and go wooden dollhouse is a portable one with 2 dolls and 11 pieces of miniature wooden furniture.

The working front door and the garage is the best part that I love it. It’s easy to open and close. Just feels like it is a real experience.

The chunky, sturdy handles ensure your kids’ safety and also can inspire children and parents to have fun together.

There are many extra sets of Melissa & Doug available to buy so that you can add more engaging options for your kids.

2. KidKraft 65956 Charlotte Wooden Dollhouse

You can even have a small dollhouse building with a budget-friendly price.

With Ez Kraft assembly, the Kidkraft wooden dollhouse is super easy to setup and build.

Only 2 – 3 hours work, you can get the dollhouse all done including Bathroom, kitchen, sitting room, and attic with a nursery.

Besides, the KidKraft wooden dollhouse features with 14-piece furniture and accessory set and has multicolor to choose.

Go see the well-made dollhouses and choose your favorite color.

3. TOP BRIGHT Wooden Dollhouse with Elevator

Every little girl wants to live like a princess naturally.

The color and style of TOP BRIGHT Wooden Dollhouse make the girls’ dream come true.

With an exquisite elevator, this wooden dollhouse has 3 levels, 5 rooms, 1 balcony.

To encourage kids to think and develop their imagination, the dollhouse has 12 detailed wooden furniture as home renovator for you to decorate the house.

The dollhouse frame material is natural wood, which is tough and sturdy. But the edge is smooth, and won’t hurt your baby accidentally.

4. Fairfield Wooden Dollhouse Kit

Who will refuse a Victorian style wooden house?

The wooden dollhouse from Fairfield has 3-story, 6 total rooms with 2 large hallways.

Furniture that you can put are made of solid plywood, the built-in wrap-around porch and fireplaces gain much beauty to the look.

If you are looking for a vintage wooden dollhouse, wait no more, this is the best Victorian wooden dollhouse in every aspect.

5. Hape Happy Villa Kid’s Wooden DollHouse Set

The wooden Doll House from Hape is designed for children to develop their imaginary and natural abilities.

You can tell by the picture that it is not a complicated dollhouse which has three brightly colored rooms.

But the bedroom, bathroom and dining room are really worthy for the price. Having a simple structure does not affect how decent it could be.

The house is made from sustainable wood source, non-toxic and child-safe.

For kids who are longing for their first dollhouse, it’s a good one to put in your room now.

You can also see the video below to learn more about Hape’s dollhouse:

3. How to Buy A Wooden DollHouse

There are several things that you should know before buying your children a wooden dollhouse.

1. Choose the Right Dollhouse for Different Ages

Different dollhouses are for different ages.

If you are considering buying a wooden dollhouse for toddlers who is 2 – 3 years old, we don’t recommend buying those dollhouse kit small pieces.

To avoid choking hazard, you should always purchase simple and safe dollhouses for kids under 3 years old.

It will help them to build their confidence, on the other hand, dollhouses without small pieces are secure to play with.

2. Prices of Wooden Dollhouses

When choosing the wooden houses for kids, you can save your money in a smart way.

Usually buying furniture sets is a great way to save more bucks for dollhouse shoppers who are on a budget.

Adding furniture separately costs way more than directly buying a set of furniture. The other advantage of buying furniture in sets is that the style of all the furniture is matching. This saves you more time and you don’t need to find every piece one by one.

You can also opt in budget-friendly dollhouses’ accessories to lower the expenses.

But don’t take it too far, there is always a rule: Don’t sacrifice your children health for saving money! For example, cheap dollhouse paint could be harmful for having toxic chemicals.

3. Scale Matters

Dollhouses scales are various.

When you have already bought miniature furniture for your dollhouse, it’s time to make sure your furniture’s sizes match the dollhouse. Otherwise, it will be weird to put them together.

Usually the most common scale for wooden dollhouse is the 1/12, so it’s better to go through the product info first before clicking the button of purchasing.

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