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Best 5 Wooden Kitchen Utensils Set of 2020 – Buying Guide & Recommendation


Choosing various utensils can be tough, there are too many options to choose and many types of utensils to buy. Thus, buying a utensil set directly is helpful. You do not need to compare each spoon or fork one by one, utensils set will save you tons of troubles.

Here, we are going to introduce some best wooden kitchen utensils set to you, making buying utensils an easy job.

What’s Good About Wooden Kitchen Utensils Set

Price Friendly

Wooden utensils set is a great budget-friendly option when it comes to kitchen utensils. Usually, you get one single spoon or fork at a pretty unworthy price. But if you get them in a set, the discount might surprise you. Besides, wooden materials are more low-cost than other metal materials. For example, stainless steel utensils’ prices are usually one third higher.

Comfortable to Use

We know metal spoon sometimes gets too cold or too hot when you try to take a taste because of the high thermal conductivity. You do have such a problem when using wooden utensils. Wood materials are comfortable to hold and easy to use without a strong hot/cold feeling.


You do need to throw away wooden utensils just like disposable utensils. Great performance wooden utensils are made of natural wood sources. That is to say, it does not harm your health with chemicals and toxic releasement. Compared with plastic utensils, wooden utensils are safer when putting them into hot water or soup. Plus, wooden utensils are more eco-friendly as they are recyclable and sustainable.

What Utensils Are Important In a Wooden Utensils Set

Generally speaking, 4 types of utensils are must for wooden utensils set.

  • skimmer spoon
  • spatula
  • soup ladle
  • regular spoon

What you need is a strainer spoon is used for skimming cooking liquids, a spatula is used for handling stir fry dishes, a soup ladle to scoop the soup and a regular spoon for tasting or enjoying your cuisine. Nowadays utensils set will include many more utensils in the box such as salad fork, slotted spatula and

Best 5 Wooden Kitchen Utensils Set

Here are the best wooden kitchen utensils of 2020.

1. Best of the Best: Mondayou Wooden Nonstick Kitchen Utensil Set

Made of 1000% natural teak wood, the Mondayou wooden cooking utensils are trusted and safe to use in the kitchen. Because of the fine characteristics of teak wood, the utensils are durable and long-lasting, giving you superb cooking experience. There are no dents, gaps, and splinters from these wooden cooking utensils and making food with them is a pleasure.

You will receive 8 different kitchen utensils in the set, regular spatula, fried spatula, slotted spatula, soup ladle, strainer spoon, serving spoon, salad fork, and mixing spoon. These are perfect for everyday use, and there is no need to get any extra utensils for your kitchen.

2. Neet Organic Bamboo Cooking Utensils Set

The Neet set is a great quality wooden kitchen utensils set. Although it does not come with many types of utensils, it is still a popular choice when it comes to organic kitchen cooking spoons and spatulas.

By using biodegradable bamboo materials, you won’t face nasty problems like melting plastic or rusting metal. These eco-friendly versatile utensils are high heat resistant, therefore you can use them in a various ways. Whether you are cooking soup or making pancakes, these utensils will always be your best helper.

There are 5 utensils (Spoon, Spatula, Spoon, Slotted Spatula, Spoon/Fork) plus an organizer in the box, and you won’t worry about where to store these wooden utensils.

3. NAYAHOSE Long Handle Wooden Cooking Utensil Set


If you feel like various spoons are necessary for your home, you should take a look at this wooden utensil set. As you can see in the picture, this wooden utensils set includes 5 spoons and 2 spatulas in different sizes. There spoons and spatulas are made of natural teak wood too, high heat resistant, anti-corrosion, and moisture-proof.

Besides, these kitchen utensils are anti-scalding and non-stick, ensuring you won’t scratch your pan or pot easily. These handles are pretty long so it will be super convenient to use these in the kitchen.

4. Thirteen Chefs Tramanto Olive Wood Kitchen Utensil Set

Unlike other regular wooden utensils, these wooden utensils are made of Olivewood. You can see every utensil has its own wood grain, classic and elegant. If you are looking for fancy and high-end utensils set, then you do not want to miss this.

You will receive 5 olive wood utensils in total including a flat spatula, a curved spatula, a slotted spatula, a spoon, and a corner spoon. All these utensils are well-crafted and delicately-made. Each of them is about 12 inches long, making them functional and versatile.

5. Mondayou 6 Piece Wooden Cooking Utensils Set


This is another utensil set from Mondayou, what makes it stand out is that the shapes of these utensils are creative and beautiful. You do not see they have regular spoons and forks in this set. Instead, this wooden utensils set includes whisk, slotted turner, spaghetti server, spoon fork, serving spoon and slotted spoon.

No doubt, the 6 wooden utensils are made of premium teak wood and they are non-stick & anti-insect. Clean them is pretty easy and you do not need to spend time taking care of them. If you are considering buying some advanced wooden utensils, this wooden utensils set offers you a perfect choice.

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