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Wooden Lunch Box – Give Your a Brand New Experience


A wooden lunch box can be versatile. You can fill the wooden lunch box with tasty snacks and take it to a picnic on a sunny afternoon. Or you can store a sandwich in the wooden box and then carry the lunch box with you when taking an outdoor adventure. In Japanese culture, a lunch box is also called the bento box. A wooden bento box is the most commonly used tool for Japnese families for storing packed cuisine because of its insulated & convenient features.

If a wooden delicate lunch box sounds interesting and useful for you, you probably want to see these sturdy wood meal boxes below that worth buying for your family.

1. Wooden Lunch Box Types

In the market, wooden lunch boxes usually come in 3 styles.


This kind of wooden lunch box has a rounded edge, allowing you to pack it in your bag or backpack without getting spiked. The inside of the box will be separated into different compartments, and the taste of each food will not be affected. Because of the long diameter of the round shape, this kind of wooden lunch box normally has one layer only to ensure the height is too tall so that the lunch box will not be bulky.

Narrow Rectangle

When you need a lunch box that can hold more food, people tend to choose a stackable one that comes with multiple layers. A narrow rectangle wooden lunch box is typically the type that has several layers, making you can separate different dishes in different layers so that it has a better sealability. Inside each layer, you can use a separator to divide the container to place your food beautifully. Or, it’s also a good idea to fill each layer with two different types of foods.

Kidney Shaped

Another shape that is popular in the Japanese wooden bento box is the kidney/bow shape. Compared with regular rectangle-shaped bento boxes, kidney-shaped not only can hold several layers but also has a more stable box structure to avoid accidental food spilling. The secret is that using a kidney shape design makes the retractable strap grips the middle part of each layer firmly, and the box will not move constantly.

2. Best Wooden Lunch Boxes for You to Take Out

Miraclekoo Rounded Wooden Bento Lunch Box

Dimensions:7 x 5.1 x 2.45 inches

The Miraclekoo is a typical Japanese lightweight wooden bento box that has internal separators and a rounded look. The container is made of cryptomeria wood and is approved by the trusted FDA. The compartments are 100% food-safe without any harmful chemicals like BPA, PVC. The size of the wooden lunch container is decent and comfortable. For a minimalist style lunch box that is made of wood, it’s worth the friendly price without any doubt.

AOOSY Japanese Vintage Natural Wooden Rectangle Lunch Box



Dimension: 7.6 x 4.5 x 4.1 inches

The Square/Rectangle wooden bento lunch box from Aoosy has a great textured finish, giving you the best experience to take it out when hiking or camping.

It’s a double-layered wooden box so that it’s perfect for kids’ school use and adults’ office use both. You can decide how many tiers you need today, and the strap comes with it will protect your meal perfectly. Inside the layer, the removable separator helps your plate presentation.

With a nice thermal insulation, the upper layer & lower layer will not affect each other. Your hands will also be protected from heat or coldness. The environmental material is sourced from natural camphor wood, and it’s non-toxic, safe with BPA, PVC, or any phosphates. You will also get great wooden tableware included, a wooden fork and a wooden spoon with the box, so you do need to get them separately.

AOOSY Kidney Shaped Japanese Wooden Lunch Box

Dimensions: 7.9 x 4.3 x 3.7 inches

As another Aoosy Japanese wooden bento lunch box, this kidney-shaped design will give you an aesthetic appearance and charming functions as well.

Unlike a quadrilateral shaped lunch box, the kidney shape has a smoother edge so that it’s safer and more pleasant to use this lunch box for all ages. Meanwhile, the wooden box has two layers, so you will not worry about the problem that the single-layered round shaped box has.

The great-quality jujube wood is the raw resource of this lunch box. The wooden divider can be removed to have ample space for storing dishes. You will also have 2 premium utensil set, a fork and a spoon that are made of natural wood as well. Thanks to the kidney shape, the strap will fix the containers firmly and tightly, making the layers even more leakproof.

3. Things That You Need to Know When Using a Wooden Lunch Box

Do not put wooden lunch box into the microwave or oven

Wooden tableware contains moisture in the natural wood cell, and it will crack easily when you heat them with a microwave or oven. Because the moisture inside the wood is not even, a wooden bowl or lunch box will lose their shapes when they meet extreme hot heat.

Avoid extreme storing environment.

Although most of the food-safe wooden lunch boxes are lacquered and polished, it does not mean you should put them under the sun or in the water for a long time. The wood will get moldy or cracks when it gets too wet or too hot.

How to clean the wooden lunch box after use?

You do need any bleach to clean a wooden lunch box.

Using a soft cloth and a small amount of dish detergent is the quickest way to get the job done. Wash the container with your faucet on, and clean it with the soft cloth with some dish detergent on it. Because of the smooth wood coating, the water takes away oil and the Residue easily. And dry the wooden box in a nice and dry place.

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