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Wooden Garage Playsets that are Perfect for Your Kids’ Toy Cars


Young kids will grow fond of toy cars and trucks when they reach a certain age. If your child is not interested in playing toys like pretend play family sets, probably it’s time to buy a wooden mechanical toy for your child.

After we reviewed the best wooden dollhouse and wooden pretend play kitchen sets, we have found that not all the kids like role play toys. If your baby loves something more exciting or not interested in playing imitation toys, a wooden toy car is a good fit to make him/her active and energetic.

Today, we are not only giving the best wooden toy car but also sharing a top list of wooden garage toys for parking your kids mini cars. Let’s see what they are and which one suits your kid best.

Best Wooden Toy Car Garage For Kids

1. Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Parking Garage Play Set

Among our selected product, the Melissa & Doug wooden parking garage kit is the best overall child wooden garage set. The price is fair and the quality is solid.
With 6 fine pieces, you can assemble this wooden car garage the withing half an hour. And you will get 2 cute small cars by buying the wooden garage. What will also be included is a gas pump, a car wash, and an attendant. You can see there is an elevator that you can control to lift the toy cars up and down.

Warning: since there are small wooden parts that need to be installed, I don’t recommend this if your child is under 3 years old.

2. Melissa & Doug Wooden Service Station Parking Garage

If you take a look at this wooden garage, you will find it has a vintage feel and has a more spacious level for your kids to park toy cars.

This twp-story wooden parking garage is also from Melissa & Doug, and it also includes 2 cars. In addition, you will have an elevator that helps you to move your car up and down.

There are a professional gas pump and a drive-through wash on the first floor, and your child can be able to start his/her car maintenance service career! 🙂

3. Imagination Generation Wooden Parking Garage with Lift

Need more mini cars?

This 4-level wooden parking garage has 5 small cars for your child!

It also comes with a lift that takes the cars to any level you want, and the service station has large room that you can place more than 12 cars. With a ramp, moving the cars to the gas station is fun and easy.

Besides, you will also get a couple of traffic signs and attendants, teaching your kids traffic rule is no longer a problem.

Made of natural wood material and the coating is covered with water-based paint, then your child will not get any hazard.

4. TOP BRIGHT Wooden Car Parking Garage Toy for Boys and Girls

As a natural wooden garage, TOP BRIGHT has made this playset a usable and recyclable toy for your child to play safely.

With a working elevator, you just need to turn the handle on one side then you can transport the cars to different levels.

You will see there are 2 beautiful vehicles, a truck and an SUV. What is impressive is that there is also a helicopter that you can place on the top of the wooden garage. And a repairman and a traffic police officer will join your kid’s team to manage the garage together.

5. KidKraft Wash & Go Wooden Car Garage Playset

I personally think this is the most playable wooden car garage toy of today, and you will understand why we said that.

The KidKraft wooden car garage contains 19 pieces, which makes the whole garage very playable and fun. First you will find there are 4 levels of the garage, and each floor has a beautiful view.

With 1 helicopter, 4 different wooden vehicles, and several wooden ramps, you can transport the cars smoothly from the first floor to the top. Besides, the elevator can also do the trick that you can turn knobs to move the cars.

You will also find traffic barriers, traffic signs, and multiple staffs in this wooden garage playset, which makes the garage more realistic and inspire your kids better.

And you don’t have to worry about assembling this wooden garage toy if you find there are many pieces in this playset, because there is a step to step instruction manual.

2. How to Educate Kids With Wooden Garage Toy Sets

Teach Road Safety Rules to Kids

By using the road signs and barriers, you can teach your kids some basic traffic rules before school. And you can also teach them what the staffs’ are is and how they should be done.

Letting them attend safety rule classes is tedious, and learning from parents through games in an early childhood tends to be forgotten hard.

Enhance Kids’ Development by Pretend Play

When your child owns a wooden garage playset, you can enjoy the pretend play with your baby in a creative way. You can pretend your loved baby is managing a garage service station, and you are the customer that needs to wash your car or park your car. It’s a pretty fun way to improve kids’ motor skills and communication skills, and your kid’s imagination will also get enhanced.

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