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Wooden Rainbow Toys that Color Kids’ World with Fun


Among all the wooden blocks toy for children, the wooden rainbow is a pretty good toy for young toddlers to have fun and learn by themselves.

Here we have our picks of the best wooden rainbow toys from the different brands and sellers and hope you can find a safe, entertaining wooden stacking rainbow for your kid.

1. Know More About Wooden Rainbow Toy

What is Wooden Rainbow?

As a classic nesting & stacking toy, wooden rainbow is one of the most prevalent wooden blocks toys for young kids. Children can stack and place the wooden rainbow arches & blocks in many ways. And the wooden rainbow gives children endless possibilities to build anything with their creativity.

What Age to Play Wooden Rainbow Toy?

There is not a typical age restriction for playing wooden rainbow puzzle blocks. That being said, wooden rainbow toys are great for kids of all ages. But I personally will recommend wooden rainbow to parents who have kids that are at least 1 year old since they have some basic motor skills.

Because there are not any small pieces that will be involved when your kid is having fun with wooden rainbow toys, you don’t need to worry about issues like choking or cutting hazards.

Most importantly, your baby’s creativity, imagination, motor skills will also get boosted through playing wooden rainbow playsets.

So all you need to do is to buy a wooden rainbow that can last a long period of time, and your child can have years of fun with it. Once the kid passes all the challenges of the wooden rainbow blocks, it’s also easier for them to start playing advanced wooden jigsaw puzzles to be more intelligent.

2. Top 4 Picks of Wooden Rainbow Toys

1. Lewo Wooden Rainbow Stacking Learning Toy


The Lewo wooden rainbow geometry toy has a classic look that kids will get attracted to, so you will never have to worry if your kids will love it.
With 7 different colors and sizes, the wooden rainbow is well-made with solid wood and color paint that has passed ASTM and CPSIA test. Although the quantities of wooden blocks do not rank first in the industry, kids can have tons of ways to build these geometry blocks with these unique 7 arches.

2. Grimm’s Large 12-Piece Wooden Rainbow Stacker for Toddlers


Handmade in Germany, we won’t be surprised that the price of Grimm’s wooden rainbow building blocks is higher above average blocks toys. However, It is worth the money you pay!

The wooden rainbow from Grimm has 12 large pieces of arches, and each of them is cut from a single piece of linden wood. Therefore, every piece has the same texture and comfortable feeling when kids stack their small buildings. The surfaces of the wooden rainbow arches are coated with child-safe paints that have multiple vibrant colors. Despite the fun that toddlers can have, The rich colors are even perfect for decorating your room.

3. rolimate Wooden Ring Rainbow Stacking Toy


Unlike wooden rainbow arches, the rolimate wooden rainbow blocks have a ring shape style. The ring shape makes the wooden stacker extremely simple to build. In other words, the wooden rainbow toy is an elementary wooden toy that is easy to play and stack. So it’s the best option for young toddlers.

Thanks to a solid wooden stick, a cute wooden ball, and 7 different color wooden blocks, kids can have a hands-on gaming experience immediately with this wooden rainbow toy.

The drawback is obvious that it can not offer as many possibilities as an arched wooden rainbow toy. But nobody can deny that it’s a nice wooden rainbow for the first purchase.

4. Agirlgle 3D Wooden Rainbow Stacking Game for Preschool Children


The Agirlgle 3D wooden rainbow is a more advanced toy that the previous ones that we introduced. In a brightly colored wooden cube, there are 12 different pieces of wooden for you to build any shape you like.

The wooden pieces are made of natural beech wood and painted with non-toxic paint, burr-free and odorless. There is only one thing I’d like to remind you is that the wooden stacker has some pieces that are not large and have edges, then you should make sure your child in a safe environment when playing these blocks.

3. How to Buy a Safe & Good-Quality Wooden Rainbow

Usually, wooden rainbow toys are safe since there are designed for young kids, but I would like to stress 2 things when buying a good wooden rainbow.

The Paint of Wooden Rainbow

We know the colors are essential for a wooden rainbow, and kids love wooden rainbow blocks for their various colors. So the quality of paint is something that we can not ignore.

A safe wooden rainbow’s surface should be painted with water-based, toxic-free, ecofriendly paint that will not hurt your family members.

Wooden Rainbow’s Edges

You need to be careful when buying any wooden educational toys for your baby. We know that wood is a tough material, so if the edges of the toy are not handled well and lacquered poorly, then it might hurt your kid’s hand.

4. How to Play with Wooden Rainbow Toy?

There are plenty of fun ways to stack wooden rainbow blocks, kids can build anything they like by using their creative thinking, and imagination, from wooden bridges to the wooden garden gate.

Let’s take this wooden rainbow arched blocks toy as an example, which is also the most popular wooden rainbow toy. Check what you can build with this amazing wooden rainbow in the video below:

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