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Antique Wooden Grinders That Give Your Premium Ground Coffee Powder


When it comes to coffee powder grinding, I know most of the families use electric grinders to ensure efficiency because it saves you more time to get the job done.

But, if you want to keep it authentic and old fashioned, a manual wooden coffee grinder is the best fit to go for. Let me get this clear step by step and show you why a wooden coffee grinder is important.

#1. Why I Need a Manual Wooden Coffee Grinder

If you think a hand wooden coffee grinder is useless, then you are wrong. Just like the wooden pepper grinder mills, you get the best and most fresh powders by grinding the ingredient by your hands.

Here is why you need a wooden coffee grinder

Better & Even Coffee Powder

We usually think a machine can replace human work when it comes to doing repeatable work. However, the fact is manual coffee grinder has a better performance than an electrical coffee grinder. Unlike a blade grinder that cut your coffee beans into uneven chunks, a wooden coffee grinder allows you to observe and adjust the size of your coffee grounds to get coffee powder of better quality.

The Material Is More Environmental

A wooden manual grinder is sustainable and environment-friendly. A wooden grinder not only looks good but also can work without electricity so you can save more energy. Besides, you will not produce any pollutant in the air by grinding the coffee by hand.


If you are thinking about taking a grinder out for outdoor activities. Choosing a small-sized wooden coffee grinder is a smart move as it’s durable and solid. You do need to worry about the grinder will break accidentally during the time.

#2. Best Wooden Coffee Grinders In 2020

1. IMAVO Vintage Style Wooden Coffee Grinder

Get fresh milled coffee powder with Imavo vintage wooden coffee grinder. The grinder comes with a very old fashioned artistic look. The solid wooden base ensures you a premium coffee grounds container, and the iron kettle-shaped roller gives you a brand new grinding experience.

The coffee mill is classic for making classic coffee powders, and it’s convenient to take the final powder out from the open drawer.

2. Fumao Hand Wooden Coffee Grinder

The Fumao wooden coffee mill has a pig iron top and a durable wood body, giving you an antique vibe. It has a compact design in a small size, which makes it more portable and easy to carry.

To adjust the fineness of your coffee grounds, you need to use the screw that is under the wooden base. There is not much noise when you are grinding the coffee beans because of the quiet and ergonomic design. The grinding process feels smooth and nice. Moreover, cleaning is also like a breeze, it’s easy to disassemble the grinder to clean every part of it.

3. Rewido Adjustable Wooden Coffee Mill Grinder


For home-used beautiful wooden grinder machines, you can count on Rewido wooden coffee mill. Compared with other grinders, this vintage wooden coffee burr grinder stands out for easy grinding & cranking. Although the appearance is antique, nobody is going to say it is out of date.

The built-in grinding mechanism enables you to adjust the fineness of your coffee powders. The delicate coffee ground and powder is going to amaze you by the premium quality.

4. Kalita Classic Wooden Coffee Grinder Mill

This wooden coffee grinder is famous for making people fine and classic coffee in Japan. The wooden cylinder body that combines with an iron molar is aesthetic and vintage looking.

You can fill your room with the aroma of coffee beans when grinding easily, and the final coffee ground will be stored in the canister, which you can open easily. Where the handle attaches to the shaft is actually a thumbscrew that you can adjust the fineness. You can choose to loosen or tighten the screw to get the coarseness you want.

5. Norpro Wooden Coffee Grinder

The Norpro is also a great old-world charm, it has a classic look of the vintage wooden coffee grinders. The color of the chestnut wood is a little bit darker and it makes it more impressive and elegant.

You also get fine coffee ground by putting the coffee bean in and steer the handle. Besides making coffee powder, no matter you are giving this as a gift or using it home decor, I believe the versatile is not going to disappoint you.

Okay, after seeing all these bud-friendly wooden grinders for daily home use, it’s time to see something superior and expensive. The next two fancy wooden coffee grinders are imported from Europe and they have a really well-made crafts. Let’s have a look together!

6. Zassenhaus “Santiago” Mahogany Beech Wood Manual Coffee Grinder

The Zassenhaus high-end wooden coffee grinder is a masterpiece that is made in Germany experienced craftsmen. The brand is a reputable one on grinding mechanism and they have been producing grinding products for more than 25 years.

You have 4 color options when choosing this premium conical burr coffee grinder, and each of them is extremely well-crafted. The grinder base is made of beech wood and you can adjust the coarseness without any pain. The top is made of high-grade tool steel which will reduce the heat that affects the coffee beans quality.

7. Peugeot 31152 Antique Wooden Coffee Mill

Don’t be shocked. Yes, Peugeot also makes wooden grinders. The vintage grinder is made in France and it’s one of the wooden coffee grinders of today!

With a durable wooden base and stainless steel, the grinder is durable and sturdy when grinding. No more corrosion problems will occur. The drawer’s capacity is 8 TBSP and the hopper’s is capacity 7 TBSP, it’s perfect for the coffee lovers who need to grind coffee beans manually. You get a lifetime warranty on the mechanism and Peugeot promises you the best after-sell service.

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