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Wooden Bags & Purses that You’ve Never Seen


Women’s bags & purses are often made of leather or clothe. Have you seen a wooden bag or a wooden purse before?

I believe most of you have not heard that wood can be used as a material for making handbags or purses.

Let’s find out see what a wooden bag looks like and see our best selection of wooden lady bag of today.

1. 4 Special Wooden Bag & Purses

Carrying a vintage wooden handbag is going to make you stand out in a crowd.

Unlike other bags and purses that are made of leather or clothe, an elegant and classic wood bag is not something you will see every day.

Unfortunately, there are not many available choices on the market now.

I will update the latest wooden bags or purses in this article when there are more options available.

Okay, let’s see the full scoop of these beautiful bags and purses.

1. Miuco Bamboo Tote Bag

This big tote bag is specially designed and hand made for ladies. It’s really a big hit in 2019 among fashionistas on Instagram.

It’s 100% made of bamboo but you will never be going to have a heavy feeling when you carry it on the street.

The product has 2 sizes: the small one’s dimension is 11″ x 8″ x 3″ and the other is 12.5″ x 10.5″ x 4″.

With this handmade hollow bag, you can put your makeup or small gadget in it without worrying.

With a good price, you will exceed expectations with its good quality while other designer handbags are much more expensive.

Check the price

2. Sumerflos Bamboo Handmade Handbag

A 9.4 long wooden handbag is suitable for daily use, not too heavy and burdens.

Coming with a durable box and delicate metal lock, this handbag can also be used as a storage box for jewelry or makeup.

The cute size makes it a perfect match for a stylist.

What is better is that the inside of the bag has a flannel lining, which prevents scratches to surfaces.

3. LETODE Wooden Clutch Purse

The LETODE wooden clutch purse is something that I would recommend because of its design.

The whole product is made of thick and solid wood but only weights around 0.5KG.

The size is just ideal to hold your cosmetics and small stuff like mobile phones.

You can wear it like a cross-body bag or shoulder bag as well.

4. YO-Bamboo Bamboo Handbag for Women

Customers have said this is a good product that will splash all over Instagram.

With 100% Eco bamboo surface, the bag offers a retro style and a simple elegant look.

The capacity is good because of its size.

The blue elements look delicate on the bag and it’s your best partner when you go to the beach.

2. How to Keep Your Wooden Bag or Purse Looking New

1. No Sharp Objects

Wood can be easily hurt by scratches.

If you put things that have sharp tips in the wooden bag, deep scratches may occur inside the bag because of the wobbling.

Scratches are like a dirty spot on the skin, it makes your bag looks old and cheap and it is hard to fix scratches.

2. Moisture

Wooden bags can not be washed like fabric bags.

If it gets a spot, use a soft cloth to wipe off the dirt instead.

Washing the wood by water will fragilize your bag, leaving the wooden bag in a moist environment will even attract insects and bugs.

3. Sunlight

What is that suppose to mean? I can not even carry my bag when there is sunshine?

That’s 100% no true, what I am saying here is avoid placing your wooden bag in direct sunlight for a long time.

As we all know, strong light and heat will dry any wooden products, which will make them crack easily.

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