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Wooden Yoyos Never Go out of Style, 2019 Wood Yoyo Buying Guide


In the community that I grew up in, yoyo went viral in the 90s.

I remember that yoyo was a toy that every child wants to have back in the days, and showing new yoyo tricks to my friends after school was a sweet memory.

Decades have passed, wooden yoyo is still a popular and entertaining toy for kids. If your child just passed the age for playing activity cubes or wooden dollhouse these toddlers toy, a yoyo can get his or her motor control to a higher level. Or you are seeking yoyo for yourself? If you are a yoyo player who is looking for the latest high quality wooden yoyo, you are also exactly right to be here.

1. Yoyo Type: Wood vs. Plastic vs. Metal

What is the difference between wood yoyo and yoyos that are made of other materials like plastic and metal?

Let’s see the pros of wooden yoyos:

A wooden yoyo is a type of old school yoyo that has a flavor of originality.

Wooden yoyos are authentic and vintage. Unlike those fancy multi-color yoyos, wood yoyos are more textured with the natural color of the wood and the beautiful pattern of the wood grain.

Compared to the other two types of yoyos, the lacquered finish of a wood yoyo are more comfortable to hold, and it’s more pleasant when you catch the yoyo back.

A yoyo made of wood is much durable and sustainable than a plastic yoyo. As a naturally tough material, wood yoyos disks won’t be crashed if you drop it on the ground.

What’s more, wooden yoyos are safer than plastic and metal ones.

Nowadays, yoyo manufacturers are competing with each other. They produce a more fierce and cool-looking yoyo that makes the performance presence more garish. Some kids may get hurt by the shape edge of their yoyos.

The other thing that needs to be addressed is that wood yoyos are environmental than aluminum and plastic materials.

If you are considering a yoyo for a kids’ toy, that is also why you should buy a wooden one, not just because its cheap and affordable.

To avoid the harmful toxic chemicals released by cheap plastic, you really should buy wooden yoyos for your child to entertain with.

However, there are a few things that I also want to point out.

Disadvantages of wooden yoyo:

Most of the wooden yoyos are not for professional use because they do not have a replaceable axle.

Wooden yoyos can not be as long spinning as metal yoyos because usually price-friendly wooden yoyos are not designed for doing crazy made yoyo tricks.

If you are finding a yoyo that is suitable for a competition, probably a wooden yoyo is not the best choice.

Let’s put it this way, they are just a toy that makes life more fun.

2. What Wooden Yoyo is Worth Buying Now

Here is a list of the best wooden yoyos in 2019

1. Yoyo King Custom Natural Wooden Yo-yo

The key to a special wooden yoyo gift is having their names or favorite words on it. This Yoyo King wood custom can achieve that.

Made of sustainable beech hardwood, this wooden yoyo has a natural and classic style of color.

This model comes in with cotton string, and kids won’t need any extra installations to play.

This wooden yoyo is a responsive one with a fixed wooden axle, and there are no bearings in it.

You are allowed to customize with up to 14 characters, which is great for giving kids birthday gifts.

2. Maple Landmark Plain Wooden Yo-Yo

This is a USA made wooden yoyo whose price is only a few bucks. You won’t be disappointed by this down to earth yoyo, though it has a super low price.

With a 100% cotton string and a wooden axle, you can do tricks that you like. For example, make it sleep is an easy one.

Also crafted from hardwood, the yoyo’s finish is clear lacquered, which makes it safe when you flick it back quick. The whole color is plain and low-profile, just like the yoyo in the 1950s.

But note that you need be careful with the finish it tends to get scratches.

3. Wooden Compass Rose Yo-yo

A plain color does not look good enough? What about a old fashioned wooden yoyo with a compass on the side?

A printed compass on the antique style wood side is how this wooden yoyo draws people’s eyes.

Made in USA, the wooden parts come from all the way from New England, and assembled in Vermont.

You can even put it in the glass shelf for exhibition, and it can not only be a wooden toy for fun but also a great addition for home.

4. Duncan Super Tournament Yo-Yo

Duncan as a oldest brand in the toy industry, regarding vintage or antique toy, there are not many competitors for them.

This Duncan Super Tournament yoyo features a unique vintage old design, and that is exactly the same style they designed in the 1960s.

With that being said, this is a reproduction model of the wooden yoyo in the 60s.

High impact wood and delicate design of carved flags make this yoyo an art that is worth collecting.

What you get after purchasing this beautiful old fashioned toy is more than your expectation.

Besides the wooden yoyo, you will also get an original 1955 Duncan yoyo trick book. That even means a lot more than the yoyo itself.

3. How to Take Care of Wooden Yoyo?

Wooden yoyo is not an expensive wood toy that requires much maintenance.

Just remember, do not soak it in water, as the string will rot, and the wood quality will be affected.

The durability and lastness will be degraded, and wood soaked in water tends to break easily.

For wooden yoyos with bearing, the bearing will develop rust, which makes your bearing not as smooth as before. More seriously, the bearing can barely spin.

So remember one thing, do not put a wooden yoyo near water.

4. How to Make a Wooden Yoyo

If you are not satisfied with the wooden yoyos that are listed above, and you want to custom your own wooden yoyo from scratch.

Don’t worry. We’ve also prepared a video to help.

The below video is going to show you how to make a wooden yoyo that has a bearing with only one clamp

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