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Cute Wooden Peg Dolls that You Won’t Regret Buying


For people who are familiar with cute dolls on the market, wooden peg dolls are a prominent type of nowadays doll toys.

When we are talking about dolls, we usually will think dolls are toys that are for toddlers to have fun and kill time. But when it comes to wooden peg dolls, that is another story. These interesting wooden peg people have become a favorite toy for everyone. Kids love to have fun and they play with these cute little peg dolls in their wooden dollhouse, grownups enjoy painting blank wooden peg dools and make them great decoration for home.


  1. Why Wooden Peg Dolls are Popular?
  2. Best Picks of Unpainted Wooden Peg dolls
  3. Paint and Brushes for Painting Wooden Peg dolls
  4. How to Paint Wooden Peg Dolls (DIY Video Tutorial)

#1 What are Wooden Peg Dolls? Why are They popular?

Peg wooden dolls are also called dutch dolls, and they are unfinished doll toys that are made of hardwood.
And people can dress wooden peg dolls in paint or custom fabric to build their characters according to their personal preference. Creating a beautiful wooden peg doll requires a certain level of motor skills, creativity and anesthesia. So playing wooden peg doll is way more fun than playing with a regular doll.

Wooden peg dolls have fascinated the kids and people who love dolls’ culture all over the world.

#2 Best 4 Quality Wooden Peg Dolls on the Market

1. Koalabu Natural Unfinished Wooden Peg Doll

Made in the USA, the Koalabu wooden peg doll sets show an excellent craftsmanship. The wooden peg dolls are made of birch and maple hardwood and produced and manufactured in a safe way. The wood is non-toxic and natural, and you can see the beautiful raw color of the wood grain that cut from a quality untreated wood log.

The wooden peg doll sets include 40 dolls in total, and you will have men, women, angels, boys and tots, 5 different shapes and sizes. The tallest is the Men, which is approximately 2-3/8 inches high (60.32mm), and the shortest tots are about 1-3/16 inches (30.1mm).

2. Juvale Unfinished wooden peg dolls pack


Purchasing this Juvale Craft Art wooden peg dolls, you will also get 5 different shapes.

And each of them have 10 pieces.

The Wooden family dolls vary in sizes. The wooden man doll measures 0.8 inches (58.42mm), and the baby-shaped wooden doll is 1.13 inches (28.70mm). This pack is a good bargain for its friendly price and reliable hardwood quality, and I’ve never found other 50-pack wooden dolls set at the same price on the market.

3. Craftparts Direct Large Wooden Peg Dolls


If you are looking for large wooden doll bodies, you should check this Craftparts Direct brand out first.
The sizes of wooden peg dolls for sale are usually from 1 inch to 2.5 inches, and seeking a big wooden peg doll may cost your a lot of time. Here, you will see the problem solved. We’ve found a wooden doll figure that has a 3-9/16 inch height, and you also can choose a man version or a woman version. The brand even offers a package that has an outstanding quantity of wooden dolls. The package contains 300 wooden peg people, which is great for group activity use like toddlers’ art class or a big craft party.

4. Best Christmas Themed Wooden Peg Dolls


Since Christmas is around the corner, this wooden peg dolls toys package with lovely hats won’t let you down.

Coming with a wooden Christmas pine tree and 4 multiple-sized gift boxes, you can highlight your Christmas Eve by painting these wooden peg dolls as Christmas decorations. There are more characters than others in this playset, 2 large snowmen, 5 small snowmen, 2 medium people, and 2 small people. What’s more, giving family members or friends this wooden dolls package as a Christmas gift is also a great idea.

#3 What Paint Should I Use to Paint Wooden Peg Dolls?

So, after buying wooden dolls, the next step is to paint the wooden peg dolls with your favorite color and make them the characters you like.

Thus, having the best paint for painting wooden peg dolls is vital. Some kids will use crayons to color the dolls, which is okay, but the presence will not be perfect.

Basically, we need 2 important tools to achieve our goal: Paint and Brush. And I’d like share the best partners for painting the wood peg dolls here.

ARTEZA Acrylic Paint- Set of 24 Colors

The ARTEZA Acrylic Paint has rich and vivid pigments that provide premium performance to color your wooden peg dolls. And it’s safe, and no toxic chemicals contained, which ensure a secure environment for kids to draw and paint on the wood figure bodies. It has 24 colors in this acrylic paint set, and you can mix and make new colors based on the existing colors.

Virtuoso 15-Piece Fine Paint Brushes

We know that wooden peg dolls are cute for their mini size and shape, that is why we need fine paintbrushes to color them.

Having 15 piece pain brushed, this brushes set is decent for painting wooden peg dolls as you have various options to choose from. For example, drawing tiny patterns on the wooden dolls needs a extremely fine brushes. And you can use a less fine brush to save your time when painting large blocks of colors.

#4 How to Paint Your Wooden Peg Dolls Toys

When we get our preparations ready, we can start to paint our wooden peg dolls.

The steps are simple, but you might need a few times of practice to get the performance.

Step 1. Draw the Outline with a Pencil

The first thing that needs to be done is to outline the hair, face, clothes, and any details you’d like to paint later. The more detailed you outline, the more delicate your wooden character will be.

Step 2. Paint the Wooden Peg Doll from the Top

My advice is to paint the peg doll from hair first, and then eyes, mouth. Because when you apply too much paint to the peg doll, the paint will drip. And it is easier to cover the colors when you paint from the head. But If you are confident and you can also paint in any orders that you like.

Step 3. Let The Wooden Peg Doll Dry

Every time when you finish painting a part of your peg doll, you should wait till the paint is dry as you don’t want to get your colors mixed or touch the paint accidentally.

If you want a tutorial video for DIY painting wooden peg dolls, you can also see here:

Last, don’t forget to let me know what you think in the comment below if you are interested in wooden peg dolls!

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