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Wooden Piano Toys for Little Musicians


A real classical piano can be very expensive. And a real piano will cost you hundreds of dollars usually.

If you have thought about developing your young toddler’s ability in music, I have to say it’s not recommended to buy a real piano at first. So what you should do if you want to educate young babies with music while without investing too much money? Here comes another option, which is affordable and entertaining: You can buy them a wooden piano toy, which has a realistic look and piano sound.

#1. Top 4 Wooden Toy Pianos – Which is the Best?

A wooden toy piano is a good fit for parents to buy for their preschoolers. Just like other educational toys, the main goal of purchasing a wooden piano toy is not to teach some practical skills to kids. For example, we don’t expect kids to cook a meal by letting them play with a wooden pretend play kitchen playset. We just want to arouse the interest of children in learning music and find what things they are passionate about. Like parents will buy wooden activity cubes to help kids with their logical thinking and math skills, if you think your baby can be a fan of music, a wooden piano toy is a toy you should go for!

Here you can see we collected the best 4 wooden piano toys for your little musician:

1. Melissa & Doug Learn-to-Play Wooden Children Piano Toy

You can really play a simple song with this affordable wooden piano toy!

With mini size and a brightly painted wood surface, the wooden piano from Melissa & Doug has 25 keys and 2 full octaves, which are enough for kids to start their first step on music. There is an illustrated songbook that comes with this piano toy for small kids. If your kid is a music lover, giving this piano toy to him/her as a birthday gift will make his/her day for sure.

2. Best Choice Products Kids Wooden Grand Piano Toy

The Best Choice Products wooden piano toy looks like a real grand piano by comparison. With a classic look, the baby grand piano features a beautiful black painted surface and 30 functional keys. To get your kids comfortably play on the piano toy, you will also get a matching hardwood stool for your child to sit on and a musical note holder for kids to place their music books. Even though it is called a toy piano, kids are still able to play nice songs with nice pitches and keys. If you have a little fan of music at home, this appropriate tuned wooden piano toy might be the best musical instrument toy to choose from.

3. Schoenhut 25 Key Wooden Toy Piano

As kids first piano, the Schoenhut wooden piano toy has an attractive vintage appearance and sturdy quality, which are important to develop kids’ interest in playing instruments.

By painting the wood piano body with beautiful fonts and elegant white color, the Schoenhut is simple and fun for kids to promote their musical creativity. The piano also features 25 keys on its tabletop, and each of them is specially made for kids’ fingers.

Besides, you will find teaching kids how to play pian is not as hard as you thought, there is a play-by-color teaching method provided by the merchant. You can place a removable color strip (included) behind the wooden piano keys to guide children to play.

4. Hape Wooden Playful Piano For Kids

This is a compact option when choosing a wooden piano toy.

Coming with only 18 keys, the Hape wooden toy piano has an elegant and neat look. I believe you have noticed this piano toy is painted with bright vibrant red color, and that is why it is loved by children.

And you don’t have to worry about the safety of the paint. It’s not harmful to your baby because the seller claims that the finishes are 100% non-toxic, and the materials they use are child-safe.

#2. Frequently Questions about Wooden Piano Toy

Pros of wooden piano toys?

Let’s start with the advantages of wooden children’s piano.

Having a wooden piano toy can improve kids’ musical creativity, dexterity, hand-eye coordination. More than that, according to studies, what shocked me is that kids who have received early musical education tend to do better in other subjects except music, even their mathematical skills are better than peers.

The other advantage of wooden piano toy is that you don’t need to pay a huge fee for a real piano. If you are just teaching your young baby some basic piano chords or letting the kids play along with the piano, you certainly don’t need a real piano, that would be unnecessary.

Cons of wooden piano toys?

But there are some drawbacks of wooden piano toys:

You don’t get a real feeling of piano key press and a 100% realistic piano sound so that the experience will not be excellent. And before buying the wooden piano toy for your kid, you should also ask if the wooden piano is in tune.

What age is appropriate for wooden piano toys?

My advice is to buy wooden piano toys for kids who are 2-year old to 7-year old.

It is because kids need to have some basic skills in communication and learning to learn the fundamental chords, so children who are older than 2 years old would be great for this reason. That means you can feel free to buy toddlers, preschoolers a wooden piano toy as a good gift.

For kids who are older than 7 years old, the piano toys could not meet their needs since the toy pianos are too small, and the keys are not enough to play a real piano song. Then you can move to an electronic keyboard or a real piano.

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