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5 Awesome Wooden Toy Barns for Children


Here we are with another wooden toy that is best for children’s pretend play, which is great for kids’ motor skills and engagement. If you are interested in making your child a little barn owner, then you can not miss these wooden toy barns for kids’ raising their mini animals.

#1. Best 5 Wooden Toy Barn Kits

Running a small wooden barn and having all the cute mini animals such as horses, cows in the barn are satisfying for kids. And here, we have a list of the best wooden toy barns online to help your kids be a better barn owner & farmer.

1. Melissa & Doug Wooden Fold & Go Barn Toy

Melissa & Doug is a superb brand that is famous for producing kids’ toys, and we’ve recommended many products of the brand’s in our previous wooden toys buying guides such as wooden play kitchens and wooden car garage toys.

This portable wooden barn playhouse has a solid construction that is made of wood so it can last years for kids to constant play. Since it’s called a portable toy barn, you can find there is a handle that you can use to carry the barn easily. And this is a not a large wooden toy that takes up much space (size: 11.25” H x 13.5” W x 4.7), you can put it on the table to let kids play.

And 7 realistic animals will come with this wooden barn, enabling children to use their imagination to run the barn like a real farmer. Besides the animals, you will also get a working sliding door, a wooden ladder, and a folding corral.

2. Terra by Battat – Wooden Animal Barn Toy

For people who don’t know much about kids’ wooden toys, you will not go wrong by choosing a toy from Terra by Battat.

The wooden toy barn has a spacious room for kids to get engaged and have fun, and children will be amazed by assembling the wooden farm by hand with 20 wooden pieces included. Besides the wooden barn and fences, you will also receive 4 bales of hay and 2 food troughs to let your kids feed their mini animal figures. And the versatile design of the wooden educational barn toy can also improve kids’ motor skills by offering facilities like hayloft pulley tray, ladder, removable loft. The only disadvantage is that the wooden barn package does not include barn animals, so you need to buy an extra animal set.

3. Breyer Pressed Wood Deluxe Horse Barn/Stable Set

Instead of a wooden toy, I prefer to call this Breyer stable barn a wooden model as every piece of the wooden stable is well-crafted and realistic.

Having a majestic look, the wooden horse barn toy has a large size (28″l x 16. 34″W x 8. 625″H). And the was accurately made to scale, even the color on the wooden material is hand-painted. Unlike other cheap miniature animals that included in the wooden barn, this wooden barn has 2 handcrafted horse sculptures that are unique and realistic.

Just by taking a look at the accessories, you will be more surprised by how
Exquisite it is. Stable wooden Fences, wooden doors and windows, working root lifts, that’s why you won’t be down for buying this wooden barn playset.

4. Melissa & Doug Wooden Folding Horse Barn

If you prefer a natural color wooden barn, then here is the best option you should not miss. The Melissa & Doug portable horse stable, with cute wooden fences and 7 working doors, is the most popular natural-colored wooden barn on the market. The appearance of this barn toy is not as fancy as other painted wooden barns, but it is definitely the most rustic and authentic wooden barn toy as it is made of high quality wood material. However, there is no horse that comes with the barn. To have fun with the barn, you need to buy horse figurines separately.

5. Melissa & Doug Wooden Barn Toy with Latches

For kids who love their wooden barns that have a cartoon painted style, the wooden barn toy with fancy golden door locks may be their favorite. Generally speaking, this wooden barn has a pretty compact and simple look from the outside. The wallpapers are painted with bright colors, and there are some funny cartoon animals printed on the wall. But if you look at the accessories, you will find they are not simple. You can see the well-made golden latches, chains, locks are finely designed, and the working doors with locks have made it more fun to transport the animals for kids’ pretend play.

If you are not satisfied with the animals included in the barn, you can also add extra animals to the wooden barn. Just remember the animals’ sizes should fit the barn’s size.
For example, you can add this Boley 15-Piece Farm Animal Playset to your shopping cart to have more animals to get a more vibrant barn environment.

#2. How to Pick a Wooden Barn Toy

There are 3 things that people need to know before buying a wooden barn for children.

1. Portableness of the Wooden Barn Toy

If you plan on taking your kids’ wooden barn toy outdoor or going to an activity party, you should go for a small-sized one that has fewer pieces included to release your burdens.

Another choice is to buy a wooden barn toy with a handle, which enables you to carry the wooden barn easily.

2. Wooden Toy Barn – Big Size or Small Size?

Before you buy the toy barn, you need to check the product dimension first.

If you are going to let your kid play the wooden barn toy on a table, then you should not buy a large set for him/her. Usually, large toy barns contain a lot of wooden pieces, and kids sometimes will lose them easily.

3. Does the Wooden Barn Playset Include Miniature Animals?

People need to know that some sellers use fancy pictures that there are several beautiful animal toys that come with the wooden toy barn. However, when you receive the package, you will find there are no animals included. You should read the product description carefully and see if they sell the animal separately.

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