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5 Vintage Wooden Abacus for Improving Children’s Maths Skills


Is your child a big fan of math? Or do you want your kid to become a little smart one who is good with the calculation? If so, then you will be excited to see these wooden abacus toys that are helpful for your kids.

Although calculator has become a very convenient tool in modern society, it’s still entertaining and educational to let kids play a wooden antique abacus toy that is painted brightly. And this is going to be a sweet memory for children to look back on.

#1. Best 5 Wooden Vintage-Look Abacuses

1. Melissa & Doug Classic Wooden Abacus Toy


The Melissa & Doug wooden abacus has overall 100 colorful beads on 10 different rows, and each row has ten beads.

Every bead from this abacus is brightly painted with a vintage-style color, and kids will love these cute beads in different colors. The gap between each row is appropriate, so it’s easy to move the beads from side to side, which is also a good way to improve motor skills. And the base is stable and substantial, and you do not need to worry about it will fall or crack.

What’s more, the abacus frame is made from a durable and sturdy hardwood, which makes this wood long-lasting and child-safe for your kid.

2. Hape Rainbow Wooden Counting Bead Abacus

The Hape wooden rainbow abacus has a natural colored finish and is old-fashioned nursery decor.

You have 5 different colored beads: red, orange, yellow, green, blue. And the 100 beads are finished with non-toxic and environmental paint that will not cause hazards for children. Through playing this wooden abacus, children will find learning and counting is fun, and they will not be afraid of mathematical problems.

3. Pidoko Kids 123 Learning Wooden Abacus Toy


The Pidoko Kids wooden abacus is a smart toy with a clever design so that you can put this abacus horizontally or vertically.

The features are basically the same, you also have 5 types of colors of beads, and it is a powerful learning toy for kids to explore the new world. The frame is painted bright with an adorable, child-friendly orange color and the materials are made from premium hardwood with great craftsmanship.

Also, with a super stable wooden base, you can captivate and teach your kid counting and basic math without any pressure.

4. Imagination Generation Wooden Counting Abacus


The reason why this Imagination Generation beats other wooden abacus is that it has a beautiful gradient color.

You can see there are 10 different types of well-painted colors on each row. And the purple pattern on the side looks exotic and vintage. You can easily spot this one is good quality wooden abacus because of the smooth lacquered finish and solid weight.

For parents who are looking for an imaginative way to fooster kids’ math & problem-solving skills, this wooden abacus with easy gliding beads is highly recommended.

5. B. Toys – Wooden Abacus Math Game Toy with 100 Fruit Beads


If the regular wooden beads do not attract your kid enough, let’s have something more interesting.

The B. Toys wooden abacus toy replaces boring round beads with ten different fruit. That is only the beginning, and you can see every fruit has 2 colors, a dark and a light one.

This design gives you more options when doing counting games and identifying games with your child. And you trust the quality offered by B.Toys, the inks are soy-based, and the wooden frame is varnished with water-based safe materials.

#2. How to Educates with Wooden Abacus Toys?

Just like wooden blocks and wooden activity cubes, these wooden open-ended toys have more than one way to play with.

Thus, you can teach your kid through many games with a wooden abacus toy. There are some common counting games you can start with: Patterning, Counting to 100, Counting by 10’s.

If you have not known what to do correctly, you can check out the below video to see the abacus counting games you can play with preschoolers.

Or, if you think the games are too simple for your child, you can see the below video to know how to do double-digit addition.

And you can do more than this with a wooden abacus, for more advanced tutorials, feel free to search abacus on Youtube, and you find all the useful materials that you need.

#3. Best Age for Wooden Abacus?

Since we’ve mentioned that there are tons of ways to use the abacus, so the answer to the question might vary.

Wooden abacus is safe and lovely, and it can be a good start as a children’s’ first math training toy.

You can teach your child with some easy counting games or training games after his/her 18 months.

As a real math subject, it’s believed that the recommended age for learning mathematical concepts and boosting brain power is between 4- 6 years old.

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