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3D Wooden Dinosaur Puzzles – Novel & Exquisite Puzzle Choice


We’ve talked about some wooden jigsaw puzzles in general in our past puzzle toys review. And there is a type of jigsaw puzzles called 3D jigsaw puzzle with which you are not limited to assemble the jigsaw puzzle on the flat surface. With a 3D jigsaw puzzle, you are able to assemble the puzzle just like building a model.

What are we going through today is a popular category in the puzzle industry – 3D wooden dinosaur puzzles. If you have interested in buying kids a realistic and delicate 3D jigsaw puzzle toy, let’s move on.

#1. Best 3D Wooden Dinosaur Puzzles for Sale

ROBOTIME 3D Wooden Trex Dinosaur Puzzle for Kids

The Robotime screen-free 3D wooden puzzle that comes in a dinosaur shape is a great craft kit for teens to play with.

With more than 85 well-cut wooden pieces, you can assemble the interlocking pieces together with a professional user instruction included. And this is a wonderful 3D dinosaur project to start on a craft party.

The best part of this wooden dinosaur puzzle is that you can control the dinosaur by sound! You can direct the dinosaur go left, right, and forward, but you need 3 AAA batteries to get this working.

Hands Craft DIY 3D Wooden Dinosaur Puzzles (T-Rex)

The wooden dinosaur puzzle only has 29 wooden pieces, which makes the assembling easier and more straightforward.

Although you do not get wooden puzzle pieces as many as the first one, it’s still a basic good-quality 3D wooden puzzle for children and adults. The wooden set does not need any tools and glue to get assembled. All you have to do is to follow the step by step instructions, and you will get a completed dinosaur within 30 mins.

The puzzles come with a competitive price, but you don’t need to worry about its quality. All wood materials are sustainable and safe.

Miscy 3D T-Rex Dinosaurs Puzzle Arts Projects

The 3D puzzle model is basically the same as the last one, and the wood pieces are also durable and lightweight, which enables you to assemble the wooden dinosaur in 30 minutes.

The reason why we choose it is that you can paint the wooden dinosaur puzzle before putting together. You will get a paintbrush and a set of paints with the puzzle, and having fun with your child is simple.

And you do not need screwdrivers and glue either and you can put the interlocking wooden pieces together directly.

calary 3D Wooden Animal Dinosaur Puzzles Set of 6

For kids who love arts and crafts, giving them these six 3D wooden dinosaur puzzles is going to be great.

This 3d wooden dinosaur set contains 6 different types of dinosaurs: Trex, spinosaurus, longhorn, brontosaurus, triceratops, stegosaurus. Every one of them is in a mini size, and all wooden pieces interlock with each other, so it’s convenient to assemble. And every piece is made of natural unitary wooden boards that are 3mm-thick, so your finger will be cut accidentally.

Torch 3D Wood Dinosaur Puzzle for Children DIY Gift

Some people may say ‘laser cut’ is an important factor to identify an excellent wooden puzzle, then this imported 3D wooden dinosaur puzzle with a well laser cut will not disappoint you.

Obviously, this model is a bit complicated than previous wooden dinosaur puzzle toys, and the recommended age is 12+. The plywood materials meet the FSC standard, and your kids will love the smooth and solid feel of the wooden pieces.

You will not encounter assembling problems when handling this model kit if you follow the clear instructions right.

#2. Tips for Assembling 3D Wooden Dinosaur Puzzles

Make Sure You Have All the Wooden Pieces

Before kids start to assemble their little dinosaur jigsaw puzzles, you should count the assembly first. Because this wooden craft kit comes with many small pieces, and you should check if any piece is missing. You should see how many pieces included in the package box or check the page where you bought it and be sure you have all the pieces needed.

Paint Before Assembling

If you want to custom the unfinished dinosaur puzzle parts with your kid together, you should always color the dinosaur parts before you start to assemble it. The reason is clear, it’s more convenient to add the colors when the pieces are apart, and you will easily mix the color if the puzzle is already assembled. It’s a common mistake that a lot of people make.

Parents supervision is required

The minimum age to play 3D wooden dinosaur puzzles is 6, the kids older than 6 years old can enjoy the fun better when it comes to this type of puzzle toys.

We usually recommend children play with these Wooden 3D puzzles under adults’ supervision. It’s because this kind of jigsaw puzzle contains many small pieces that have choking hazards for little kids.

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