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Wooden Stubborn Man Toy – A Magic Toy That Surprises You


Have you seen a wooden man toy that can get reshaped immediately and automatically after it falls and collapses? Do not get shocked. This wooden stubborn man toy is what you need to see.

What Is Wooden Stubborn Man Toy

A wooden stubborn man toy, AKA Immortal Daruma, is a traditional Japanese wooden magic toy.

The wooden stubborn man toys usually come with a small wooden hammer and a toy man which looks like wooden peg dolls.

The performer will use a hammer to knock down the little wooden man toy, and this wooden man will either avoid the attack of the hammer or get reshapes after getting punched by the hammer.

How Does This Unbreakable Wooden Stubborn Man Toy Works?

How does a wooden toy can jump and move without any battery and motor?

It works in a pretty simple way actually. Like people say there is always a truth behind every magic, the secret behind this wooden stubborn man toy set is the string.

First, you should know that there is a string going through the wooden man’s body, and one end of the string is fixed on the bottom of the wooden stubborn man toy.

And the magic performer should attach the other end of the string to his upper body with something like a hook or paper clip.

Then the performer should bend forward a little bit to loosen the string if he wants to hit the wooden toy man with a hammer. And the wooden stubborn will break into several parts after being hit.

When you try to make this little wooden man jump over the hammer or stand up and reshape after being pounded, all you need to is to stand straight. The wooden stubborn man toy will be pulled by the invisible string which connects with the wooden pieces at the bottom.

If you are looking for a video that demonstrates better, see the video below:

Where to Buy a Wooden Stubborn Man Toy? Which is the Best?

Unlike any other top wooden toy recommendation we have done before, this wooden stubborn man toy product recommendation is a hard one for us.

It’s because there are not many options on the market when you search the terms “wooden stubborn man toy” or “unbreakable man toy” online.

But we have found the most popular choice on Amazon today, and it is probably the best-reviewed and the best-seller at the current stage. And we will update the post when there are new wooden stubborn man toys come out.

Best Wooden Stubborn Man Toy

2-Pack Immortal Daruma & Wooden Stubborn Man Magic Toy


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This is the most popular choice when we searching a well-made wooden stubborn man toy.

If you have seen the video above, you will find it is exactly the same model. The wooden man is consist of 5 wooden pieces. The body is made of 4 wooden pieces and each block of the body is brightly painted.

It comes with a 2-pack of wooden stubborn man set, – So, if you are buying this entertaining wooden toy set for your child, that sounds pretty good for enhancing his imagination and creativity.

How to Use This Wooden Stubborn Man Toy to Perform?

When you are performing this magic trick in front of people, you do not want people to know how this gimmick works and how this little wooden man rebuilds.

To avoid these problems, I have a few tips for you:

Keep a Distance

Keep your distance to avoid getting to close to people. Or people will see the string is pulling the wooden stubborn man toy, and this will ruin your performance.

That’s also why the wooden stubborn man toy set is not recommended in close-up magic.

Your Shirt’s Color Is a Big Thing

Because we want to hide the string as best as possible, we can not wear a shirt that allows people to spot the trick easily. For example, if you are using a black string, wearing a white shirt will make the string gets so obvious to find.

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