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Top Rated Wooden Bow Ties, Choose the Right One


If you ask me what item every gentleman should have, I would probably say a bow tie. But what is a must-have item for an unordinary gentleman? A wooden bow tie.

Wood/Wooden Products are always a symbol of calmness, sturdiness & elegance. Like those wooden stick umbrellas that often appear in the classic agent movies, they always give a sense of mystery to the characters.

What is interesting is that things decorated by wooden elements usually will make them look formal. But wooden bow ties are exceptional. Wearing wooden bow ties are actually more casual and creative than wearing normal bow ties.

Commonly, bow ties are made of fabric including polyester, silk, cotton. If you are tired of wearing them and want to get a new look, you should consider having a wooden bow tie.

Usually, If you are someone who is lazy like me, you can just buy one from online stores. I will also share some great wooden bow ties that I found with you here.

If you are a DIY enthusiast and good at woodworking. There is another option, you can make your own bow tie in wood. You can make splines and knobs designed by yourself.


1. Top rated wooden bow ties

2. How to DIY a bow tie in wood.

3. How to take care of your wooden bow tie.

#1 Top rated wooden bow ties

Okay, let’s cut to the chase: What are my recommendations of wooden bow ties?

I would love to share some best bow ties made of wood and list them here.

Hope you can find your first wooden bow tie.

1. YFWOOD handmade wood bow tie

You have 8 options in the tie’s colors and wood grain. According to the seller, the wood is 100% natural real wood. And the eco-friendly bow tie’s strap is adjustable and handmade. You don’t need to worry about the size because you can just adjust the length. These wooden bow ties are quite suitable for occasions like weddings, parties, etc.

2. 808 Ave wooden bow tie set

In this little box, you will see a walnut wood bow tie, a polyester pocket square and 2 cuff links that are also made of walnut wood. It does only offer you a pre-curved bow tie that is suitable for many occasions, the necessary accessories are also included. If you’d like to give you a friend a small gift, this is also a nice choice.

3. DURUI solid wood handmade bow tie

Same as the first option, there are 8 colors available for this bow tie.

It uses walnut and cork as materials.

Every bow tie is made by hand, so the wood grain might not be exactly the same even they use the same material.

And the merchant says if you receive a broken item, you can contact them immediately to get a brand new one.

4. Amzchoice classic wood bow tie set

Besides the bow tie, the Amzchoice wood bow tie set comes with a matching pocket square and cufflinks.

The wood they use is rosewood, and the strap is also adjustable so that the bow tie can fit all your shirts.

The trendy design enables you to attend a formal & casual meeting or wedding with it.

#2 How to DIY a bow tie in wood

If you consider yourself a DIY lover and you have the ability to make your own bow tie in wood. I’m not covering all the details here though, if you like to see what the processes are, please see the following video.

The general steps are:

Step 1: Prepare your wood material
Step 2: Draw your bow tie template on a paper.
Step 3: Shape the wood according to your template.
Step 4: Sew the neckband (This part is rather hard)
Step 5: Glue the neckband and the fabric to the bow tie.
Step 6: Sew up the back of the bow tie.

#3 How to take care of your wooden bow tie

There are a few things you need to pay attention to:

  1. Unlike fabric bow tie, wooden bow ties can’t be washed. It is not waterproof, so get your wooden bow ties away from the water and don’t take it to the shower.
  2. Do remember to keep it dry when you are sweaty. Your sweat might cause corrosion.
  3. If your wooden bow tie gets dirty, you should use a soft cloth to clean it.

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