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Top Picks of Wooden Handle Umbrellas in 2019


In movies, I always see those upper class people walking around with a wooden handle umbrella.

It just makes me wonder how much it is? Is it heavy? What are the differences between a wooden handle and a metal handle umbrella?

That’s why I would like to share the info and some awesome umbrellas with wooden handle in this article.

If you are looking for a wooden handle umbrella, you’ve come to the right place.

Table of contents:

1. Wooden handle umbrella VS Metal handle umbrella

2. Best sellers of Wooden handle umbrellas

3. Things to know before buying a good wooden holder umbrella

#1. Wooden handle umbrella VS Metal handle umbrella


At first, I would have expected the wooden handle will gain more weight for the umbrella because I thought the wood is solid.

However, there is not much difference.

The wooden handle umbrellas’ weight is around 1 pound to 1.5 pounds. You do have a solid feeling when you hold it, but the umbrella itself is actually quite lite. That is to say, holding a wooden stick umbrella is not really a problem. You don’t need to worry about the weight.


I thought the prices for wooden shaft umbrella would be much higher than other common umbrellas at the very beginning. But I was wrong once again.

Although there are authentically designed umbrellas with premium wood material, whose prices are over hundred even thousand bucks. But most of them are under $50. It’s something that everyone can afford. But a wooden handle umbrella is definitely more graceful and expensive-looking for sure.

#2. Best sellers of Wooden handle umbrellas

1. Totes Wooden Handle J Stick Umbrella

The brand was established in 1997, and the umbrella has a classic design with stylish wood J-shape handle, 48-inch coverage canopy is enough for most of the cases. And it has auto open design that works great with one button.

2. G4Free Wooden J Handle Umbrella

The G4Free umbrella’s 210T high density pongee cloth protects you from heavy rain and wind.
Its’ handle is also curved and J-shape. And it also has a UV protection, which enables you can use the umbrella when there is a sunny day. With one auto open button you push, you will see how big the coverage it is. You have two options: 52-inch and 62-inch coverage. That’s suitable for 2 people and also perfect for golf course and some outdoor occasions.

3. Balios Chestnut Wood Crook Handle Umbrella

This is definitely the one has finest fabric – 300T water-repellent high-density fabric. And it comes with a bag which is eco-friendly. The shaft is made of bamboo, that is quite interesting. And they say the handle wood is natural and environmental. Fiberglass frame and auto open design are also adopted.

#3. Things to know before buying a good wooden holder umbrella

1. Make sure the umbrella frame is windproof

There are lots of lame umbrellas with good appearances in the market that do not worth buying. A good umbrella’s stretchers and ribs should not be snapped easily. The umbrella frame has to be stable to provide rain & wind protection. You can check out the thickness of the shaft and the ribs. If they are too thin, maybe that is not a good choice.

2. Auto open design

Trust me, you don’t want to open the umbrella manually when you meanwhile holding something else in a pouring rain. Having the auto open design absolutely will make it easier for you to look graceful.

3. Canopy fabric is vital

A well-built umbrella always comes with high-density fabric to protect you from outdoor rain leaking. And try to find canopy that has quick-dry feature if possible. Some canopy even has anti-UV design, which could be used as a UV umbrella to get sun protection.

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