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7 Greatest Wooden Beard Combs for Men


A lot of people get confused with beard combs and hair combs.

What is the difference between hair combs and beard combs? Do I need a beard comb if I already have had a head hair comb?

Yes, you do need a nice beard comb to keep your beard and mustache clean and neat. That is the right way to take care of your beard.

If I need a hair comb, why would I try a wooden beard comb?

In this article, I will cover things including wooden beard combs’ advantages, and the comparisons of wooden beard combs and other combs, and the wooden beard combs that I like.

So, let’s get started:

1. Why you should buy a wooden beard comb

2. Top wood beard comb on my list

#1. Why Wooden Beard Combs are Worth Buying

Are beard combs and hair combs the same thing?

First off, beard combs are basically the same as normal hair combs. Although there are some beard combs that has a curve for making it more convenient to shave your beard.

I do recommend you to have 2 combs. One for your beard, and one for your head hair.

Because you definitely don’t want hair wax/hair clay, beard oil/beard wax all these things are all over one comb.

Among all the beard combs, why a wooden beard comb is right to choose.

Then we should know the differences between combs’ materials: wooden beard comb VS plastic beard comb VS metal beard comb

Besides wood, combs are usually made of plastic like polyethylene and metal like stainless steel.

Compared with the other 2 materials, wooden combs have many benefits:

  • Wooden beard combs would not hurt you easily like sharp metal combs.
  • Unlike plastic combs, wooden combs would not cause static electricity.
  • The fibers will shine your beard hair with natural oil in a more healthy way.
  • Wooden combs are good for tangled hair and solving snags problems.

That’s why I suggest people go for a wooden beard comb.

#2. Best Wooden Beard Combs of 2019

I’ve been searching for wooden beard combs online, and here is a list that contains wooden beard combs with most positive reviews and great prices.

1. Viking Revolution Wooden Beard Comb

The beard comb weights 0.64 ounces, and it’s slightly longer than a credit card. Its size allows you to put it in your pocket easily.

The wood they use is solid pearwood, which is dense and hard but also polished. The dual action design gives you more options to optimize your beard by having fine and coarse teeth.

There is a little leather box comes with it. Although I don’t think it is genuine, it might be PU leather or something.

You can put it in your luggage without any extra work when you go to travel.

2. Viking Revolution Folding Beard Comb

Another wooden comb made by Viking Revolution, but this one is more trendy and chic with the folding look.

The comb is held together by a screw and a rivet, and you can adjust them if you feel the comb is hard to flip out.

It has a smell of natural green sandalwood and that’s what it is made of.

Also, the a leather cover makes it portable for you to carry. It’s 100% worth a look.

3. Huntsman Dual Action Beard Comb

With the design of Fine/Coarse, you can just choose the right one when grooming your beard.

The coarse teeth are for detangling your beard, and you can shape your beard with the fine teeth afterward.

The seller says their products are handcrafted and made in a province of China. And they also claim the wood is sandalwood and has a decent scent.

Probably you want to give it a try if you have problems with tangled beard.

4. Rocky Mountain Wood Mustache Comb

It’s also a pear hardwood comb, and the weight is 0.96 ounces.
You can tell this is more solid and more sturdy than the others by the weight.
I like the classy style of it and the carved texts. The comb does not look so too sharp and aggressive. And the small gift box looks well-made and stylish.

But there is one flaw of this wooden comb is that it only has one type of teeth and it’s maybe too wide for people who have soft and thin beard.

5. Xuanli 8 Pieces wood Combs Set

If you don’t want to be bothered by choosing the comb size for your beard and hair. A comb set will help you out. The comb set has 8 different sizes and shapes of wooden combs. And the looks of the combs are various and neutral, so they are suitable for male and female both. And buying this 8 pieces thick wood comb set will not cost a lot, the price is friendly. You can’t believe you can get this by spending a few dollars more.

6. 2Klawz Hair/Beard Comb for Men

Even the 2Klaws pear wood comb only has one side of teeth, it has wide teeth and fine teeth one the same side for you to groom your beard. The comb looks solid build and neat with no fancy grain and color. It’s manly with the straight line design. Just one thing to remind you: if you have really long beard, the length of both teeth are not enough and it might not be handy.

7. Macho Man Care Beard Grooming Kit

The grooming kit is way more than a simple beard comb.
But as a man, if you really want to be good at taming the mane and maintain a good clean beard. A grooming kit is necessary.
That’s why I put it on the list.

The kits include 8 products:
1. Beard oil
2. Beard Balm
3. Gold Argan Oil
4. Beard Brush
5. Wooden Beard Comb
6. Beard Shaping Tool (Can be used as beard comb)
7. Beard Scissors

With this professional kit, you can start shaping your beard like a boss.

No clue where to start? please see the following video:

So, That’s basically the list of satisfying wooden combs for your beard.
If you have a great wooden beard comb that I did not mention above, please leave your comments below.

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