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Let These Wooden Spinning Tops Be Your Kids’ Birthday Gifts


Just like wooden yoyos toy, wooden spinning tops are a type of old toy that was invented thousands of years ago. The fantastic thing is that people are still having fun with them nowadays.

And what we are going to share today is our top picks of vintage wooden spinning tops. That’s is right. Even in 2020, there are a number of high-quality wooden spin tops available to buy on the market. The difference is that they are more advanced and well-made compared with the old ones.

#1. Best 5 Wooden Spinning Tops on Our List

1. AzKrafts Handmade Painted Wooden Spinning Tops – 6 Pieces Pack


The AzKrafts wooden spinning tops are the most popular set online, and every spinning top in the package are in different design and shape. The wooden spinning tops are brightly painted and polished by hand with lead-free paint.

The wood material used in these spinning tops are lightweight white wood, it has durable, sturdy quality, and it enables you to hold the handle and spin the top effortlessly.

However, even it is a handmade toy, the price would not scare you. Instead, you will get these cute wooden spin tops for your children in a wonderful price.

2. Simple Life Wooden Spinning Top for Kids


You will get 2 wooden spinning tops for your baby just by buying this package, and there are multiple colorful patterns that you can replace.

They will give you 16 different colorful rings that give a unique fun time when every time your child plays. Because the spinning tops are made of natural wood and each of them is the same, kids can custom their own pattern by using acrylic paint or just putting a rounded paper piece on the top.

The size is pretty small and fun to play with, but the only problem is that it might be not as sturdy as other solid wooden spinning tops because of lack of weight.

3. YAJUA Authentic Classic Wooden Spinning Tops with String


The YAJUA wooden spinning tops have an antique look, and the spinning tops are authentic as it has a traditional wooden trompos design.

Made in USA, the spinning top has excellent quality and craftsmanship. You can say that this is one of the best wooden trompos on the market. With a string and a small wooden base, Kids are allowed to learn spin top tricks with this model. And it’s more effective to improve children’s motor skills and creativity.

And the metal tip on the bottom makes this spin top more long-lasting and more durable than pure wooden spin tops. The only thing you need to be careful is that do not let the young baby play this toy since they might hurt themselves by the tip.

4. Maple Landmark Wooden Standard Spinning Tops – Set of 4


The Maple Landmark wooden spinning top is the cutest option for kids older than 7 years old.

The wooden spinning set comes with 4 tops, and you will have 4 colors: natural, blue, red, and green. The antique-old fashioned colors were finely dyed and not gloss, and you can see the wood grain through these transparent paint.

The well-balanced structure allows the wooden top to spin for a long time with a proper start.

5. Galt America Wooden Hand Spinning Top

The red wooden spinning top will free your child because children do not need to start the top with their hands.

The hand spinning top comes with a launching handle. You need to wind up the green cord, and the spin top will spin for a long time after you release the launching handle.

You can also check the below video to see how this type of wooden spinning top works.

#2. Which Wooden Spinning Tops Type Is the Best?

After seeing these awesome wooden tops, you can see there are mainly 3 types:

Simple Wooden Top

If you want to buy a small toy just simply for kids to play and have a good time, this type of wooden spinning top is the best pick. Because they are low-priced and light enough, you can bring a lot of them to the kids’ party without carrying many accessories.

Wooden Tops with Strings

Wooden tops with strings usually have a denser acorn-like wood top body, which makes the tops more balanced and can spin longer. This type of spinning top is also the most professional that you can play tricks with. If you want to learn more tricks and perform in front of people, this wooden top is the one you should go for. You can also click here to see the tutorials of the tricks of tops.

Wooden Top with Launching Handle

Wooden top with launch handle offers convenience when kids are playing. There is no need to grab the post and twist it to start spinning the top. You get a nice spin without any effort, all you need to do is wind up the cord and release it.

#3. Age for Playing Wooden Spinning Top?

The best age for these spinning tops are different:

For simple tops, kids more than 3 years old will start finding these spinning tops are interesting, and these tops are easy to play with for small kids. When they grow older, you can buy your child a launching handle one because it requires some motor skills to handle the cord. If these spin tops are not satisfying for your child, you can also opt-in the tops with string, which is also the professional spinning top player’s favorite. They are the most difficult type to play with. If kids want to play well, they will need a lot of practice before they can really perform.

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