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Wooden Disposable Spoons -Your Best Kitchen Helper


If you are looking for wooden disposable spoons for your homemade ice cream, then you are in the right place. Here we will show you the most popular and best quality wooden disposable spoons set to help you make the smart move.

What are wooden disposable spoons?

Wooden disposable spoons are the best onetime-used utensil that you can prepare for the guests. A wooden disposable spoon is easy to use, and you do not need to clean up after use. After using these spoons, you just need to throw them away, and you are good to go, so it’s also a sanitary and healthy choice when you need to share homemade ice cream or soup at the party.

Best Wooden Disposable Spoons to Buy

Here we have collected the most popular wooden disposable spoons that are available to buy, let’s give a quick look and see how they can make your kitchen life more comfortable.

Perfect Stix Green Wooden Disposable Spoons (Pack of 250)

The Perfect Stix wooden disposable spoons pack contains 250 spoons, and each of them is 6″ long.

With a compact package and a bargain price, the wooden disposable spoons are a great fit if you need to use them regularly. All the spoons are made of smooth birchwood, and it’s 100% compostable. The set of the wooden spoons is green and environmental, and you can get solid quality disposable spoons for your kitchen with only a few bucks.

Disposable Wooden Spoons by Bamboodlers

The Bamboodlers wooden spoons are 100% natural and biodegradable. If you are a person who cares about eco-friendly utensil, then you should not miss these Disposable Wooden Spoons.

Coming in a light wood color, the spoons are also made of birchwood. And they are non-toxic and do not contain any chemicals. You will receive 100 6.5 inches long spoons by purchasing this spoon pack. And you can start a kitchen journey in a more convenient way.

Outside the Box Papers Brand – Bulk Mini Wooden Disposable Spoons

Coming in a cute mini size, these wooden disposable spoons are perfect for tasting ice cream & yogurt.

Compared with other wooden disposable spoons, these spoons are much shorter, which only are 3.75 inches in length. With a special trapezoid design, these wooden spoons are also great for crafting and stamping. You do need to worry about its safety too, and they are all made from birchwood, which is natural and biodegradable and compostable. And the quantity does not let you down that you will get 300 per package.

Perfect Stix Wooden Disposable Taster Spoons for Ice Cream

When you see this classic shape of the spoons, you will know these wooden disposable spoons are made for ice cream.

You will get 1000 these birch wood spoons in total. Whether you are making or tasting ice cream, they are your best helper. With a 3.5 inches length, you can easily make home-made Ice pop with them just like you do with a popsicle stick.

WoodAble – Disposable Wooden Forks, Spoons, Knives Set

The premium wooden disposable utensil set will save you a lot of trouble by offering a storage box.

You will get 120 Forks, 120 Spoons, 60 Knives, and all of them are made from durable and sustainable wood materials. You can start live a green life by using this truly recyclable and compostable wooden set.

If you plan to buy solid-quality wooden utensils set that comes with a box, then I believe you will be amazed by this professional wooden product brand.

What to Look When Buying Wooden Disposable Spoons


Usually, we should use a comparatively long sized spoon to taste soup or cooking dishes’ flavor. It’s because we will not get hurt by the steam by using a long handled spoon. But if you are buying wooden disposable spoons, a short spoon may be more easy to use to eat the ice cream.

Are They Environmental?

Always be careful with utensil’s quality, a good wooden disposable spoon should be 100% non-toxic, and the material they use should be sustainable, disposAble, recyclable, compostAble, biodegradAble, and renewable.

You can also see our post on sustainable wood & recyclable wood.

Do They Have Coating?

Disposable wooden spoons usually doe have any finish or coating. If they do, make sure the coating can endure heat, you need to be sure that they will not melt and release harmful chemicals.

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