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Top 4 Wooden Snake Toys that Kids & Pranksters Will Love


Playing harmless small pranks on friends is funny and hilarious. And the best wooden toy for pranks is a wooden snake that looks like a real one, especially when it has a wiggling body and can move like a living reptile. Besides, wooden snakes are also loved by kids who are fond of wooden animal toys.

When selecting wooden snake toys, you may don’t know where to start to choose an awesome wooden snake and how to try on this funny prank on people. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back, and this article is going to cover these questions.

We have a number of wooden snake toys in our product top picks that perfect for funny pranks and kids to play below. And we love to help by selecting the best options so that you don’t need to spend your time to do the research.

1. Best Sellers of Wooden Snake Toys (Finished & Unfinished)

1. MUGIT Natural Unfinished Wooden Wiggly Snakes

Whether you are using the snakes as Halloween decorations or giving them as children’s craft art gift, the wooden wiggle snakes produced by MUGIT are good fits. The package includes 8 Unpainted Snakes, and each of them has a length of 12 inches.

These wooden snake toys are made of notched wood, and durable string, which enables you and your kids can have the best family time to paint the wooden snakes with your favorite colors together. If you are buying the wooden snakes for playing a prank on your friends, you can also paint the wooden snake and give them a custom look.

If you are not sure what brush and paint you should use when painting wooden toys, then you can see the post that we wrote about painting wooden peg dolls.

2. Fun Express Unpainted Wood Wiggly Snake Toys

With an affordable and similar price, the Fun Express offers more wooden snakes than the above product. You will get 12 wooden snakes in this package set, and you can also paint them with acrylic paint and fine brushes. For people who are going to throw a DIY craft party, these flexible wooden snakes toys are great options for its quantity and solid wood quality.

3. Darice Wooden Wiggle Snake Toy

As another good snake toy that is made of notched wood and string, the Darice wooden snake has a longer body that measures 19-inch length by 1-inch width. The natural color body surface of the snake makes it super ideal for painting without efforts. And the tail and body is moveable and gives a real flexible look to the wooden snake.

With a 19 inches long body, the wooden snake also can be used as home decoration, especially for people who love the wild lifestyle.

4. Rhode Island Novelty Wooden Wiggle Snake Toy

Coming in assorted colors, Rhode Island segmented wooden snakes look like real agile snakes with fine skin patterns. If you buy the wooden snake toy set, and you will get twelve wooden snakes. And every snake toy comes with it measures 20 inches long. Kids will have a fun time playing with these wooden snake toys.

With a realistic look, it’s also a cute toy when you try to prank on someone. Thanks to the well-designed wood snake’s body and nobody is going to realize this is fake at sight.

2. Things to Look When Picking Wooden Snakes Toy

Is the wooden snake painted or unfinished?

If you want to custom the wooden snakes with your own design and colors, you need to be sure to check if the wooden snakes are unfinished before buying them. Usually, natural unfinished wood material is the best for customing unpainted wooden snake toys.

Length and width of the wooden snake

For different needs, the wooden snake toys vary in sizes, from several inches to 30 inches. For kids who love wild animal toys, usually a 15-20 inches long wooden snake is good to have fun with. And people sometimes will pick long wooden snakes as home additions and decorations for their houses.

3. How to Play With Wooden Snakes

There are plenty of ways to play with wooden snake toys, and all of them are fun and engaging.

Paint Wooden Snakes Toy with Family Member/Friends

To enjoy a craft party, having wooden snake painted can be a good way to enhance family relationships and friendship. For example, you can paint a beautiful wooden snake with your child with his/her favorite color. Or you can also run a small contest, and see who can paint the most ridiculous wooden snakes with paint.

Wooden Snakes Prank

For pranksters, wooden snake toys are good accessories to play a prank with. You can put a small wooden snake in places that can not be found easily, such as a closet, wash machine, etc. Just keep in mind, do not make it too far.

Home or Apparel Decorator

With custom wooden snakes, you can add a little bit of wildness to your room. And you can also use double-sided tape to adhere to the wall or decorate your wood paneling without painting.

For people who will attend a special event, like a Halloween party, wooden snakes are great decorations for their apparel. Showing the party with a realistic wooden snake wrapped around your neck, what a scary and funny look.

Final thoughts:

Wooden snake toy is one of the best wooden animal toys because people love their realistic look and wild shape. And I hope the wooden snakes listed above will help you to make your choice. If you want to have a stunning prank toy or a wild wooden snake toy for kids to get engaged, be sure to add one to the shopping cart!

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  1. I need your help so i bought a wood snake years ago it was 15 or 16 inches in length and was perfect but the dog got it chewed it up and ruined it I’ve spent 100 bucks trying to find a replacement and just can’t could you please help me find one the finish dosent matter just length thanks

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