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6 Tips on Decorating Wood Paneling Without Painting


Everyone wants their wooden wall or floor to look great.

Painting wood panel may be the first thing that would come to their minds when thinking of decorating wood paneling.

However, we all know that painting wood paneling could be hard and not budget-friendly, and it requires painting skills as well.

There are plenty of painting mistakes that beginner will make because of the lack of painting experience.

So, is there any way that is safe and easy to make wood paneling look amazing? How can we decorate our wood paneling without painting?

If you have the concern, here are some top solutions for decorating wood paneling without painting:

How to Decorate Wood Paneling Without Painting:

1. Decorate Wood Paneling with Wooden Flag

A wooden flag hanging on the wood wall is a perfect fit.

Adding a high-quality wooden flag canvas will make your home or office look anesthetic without painting the wooden paneling.

It creates a focal point, and the wood paneling becomes a background instead.

Don’t worry about the color differences between the wood paneling and the flag.

The bright color of the wooden flag is eye-catching and will get people’s attention at a second.

You can design what flag design you should put on your wall from a vintage American flag to a modern watercolor canvas.

Not as painting, putting a wooden flag on your wood paneling is as easy as pie. A couple of minutes will do the work since the hanging accessory kit is included.

2. Add Decorative Paintings to Wood Paneling

A big-sized painting art makes the room look fancy and classy.

Painting arts are affordable and easy to buy, and you can put them on the wood paneling within several seconds. Just a nail and a hammer will do the trick.

But there are several things that should be known when adding wall paintings to your wood paneling.

The number one is: do not buy paintings that do not match your wood paneling’s color.

Try to choose pictures that are suitable for your decoration and design style.

The best way to test is to take a photo of your wood paneling and add the painting picture on top with software like Photoshop.

You can see how it looks like in this way. Sometimes the result is not the same as what you think in your mind.

Using many pieces of different paintings is also not a good idea. Usually, there are only 1 or 2 focal points on a wall. The more arts you have, the more difficult you catch people’s eyes.

If you prefer having multiple painting in one room, that would be better if they share the same theme or design style.

3. Apply Wall Paper for Wood Paneling

What do we want exactly if we are thinking of painting the wood paneling? Yes, we want to change its color.

Who will ever mess with painting if we can directly change the look of wood paneling?

Using wallpaper for your wood paneling is easy and simple to make your wood paneling look completely different than before.

From wood to marble, there are over thousands of options of self-adhesive wallpapers.

Whether you like clean marble or vintage wood, even solid concrete, you can find your favorite wallpaper without any effort.

All you need to do is to cut the paper and cover your wood paneling. If you are tired of it, removing the paper is also an easy task.

The only con is that it will cover the authentic beauty of wood and lose the original flavor of nature.

4. Hanging Plant Will Make Your Wood Paneling Look Fresh

If you are a nature lover, buying green hanging plants for your wood paneling is what you should consider.

Although wood material design is classy and elegant, tedious wood grains make people bored easily.

Dressing up your home with live plants will make the wood paneling less tedious, it will also help you relieve stress and improve your health.

Researchers have said that houseplants are good for people breathing and deter illness by cleaning the air.

Usually, you don’t need to spend too much time taking caring of these indoor plants. Watering them periodically is enough.

If you are still too busy for that, an artificial plant will also look good on your wood paneling.

5. Faux Taxidermy Wall Decor

If you love wild and nature, you are going to love this as well.

Animal head or antlers are classic home decor, but I don’t like those decors that look like a real head. They are kind of creepy to me.

Faux taxidermy sculpture is just my type.

Having this ‘plug and play’ home decor item is delightful because the mounting is easy.

With a natural decoration, wood paneling is going to look better for sure.

6. Wall Letters Are Awesome for Wood Paneling

Hanging metal or wooden wall letters on wood paneling makes it look cool.

By using a keyhole hanger to hang, wall letters are really simple to mount.

If you are throwing a party, this decoration is the one that you can not miss.

You can try to spell your name or motto, and enjoy the vintage and happy moment.

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