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Buy the Best 3 Wooden Shopping Cart to Keep Your Baby Busy


Greetings! Christmas is on the way, have you already prepared a gift toy for your child?

Giving Kids a wooden cart toy as a gift is really going to brighten up their day. A shopping cart toy can not be work as a pretend play toy but also a small trolley for storing kids’ toys, so you don’t need to buy a toy storage cabinet separately.

If that sounds good to you, but you don’t know how to choose a wooden cart toy, this is where you can find it.

Now, let us get started!

Best 3 Kids-Favorite Wooden Shopping Cart Toy

1. Hape Kid’s Wooden Shopping Cart

Hape wooden shopping cart, made from a sustainable wood source, is the recipient of the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award. And it is 100% safe for children to play with. You can see there is a cute cloth basket in a vibrant color that comes with it, which is durable and can hold kids’ shopping items steadily. The handy bottom shelf enables kids to pile their stuff.

What is need to be mentioned is that the wheels are also made of wood but rimmed with rubber, so if you are worried that they will hurt your wooden floor, that is not necessary.

2. HM-tech Wooden Baby Shopping Cart with Fruit Set


The HM-tech wooden shopping cart which is a realistic roll cart that kids can push and pull with a full set of fruits in the basket.

The fruits are magnetic and designed for cutting fruit games so that kids can have a cutting fruits experience without using a knife.

The whole frame is sourced from natural wood, and painted with water-based non-toxic child-friendly paint. The handle and the wheels are painted with cute pink color, and the bottom frame is bright blue, which looks adorable and attractive for tiny little girls.

3. Constructive Playthings SNG-24 Cp Pretend Play Wooden Shopping Cart Toy

The third one is the Constructive Playthings wooden shopping cart. What makes us impressive is that there is a removable calculator comes with it. So kids can have a realistic and convenient role play game, just like they are really shopping in a supermarket.

The wooden shopping cart is also made of solid wood for little shoppers, and the canvas bag is durable enough to hold kids groceries when doing pretend play games.

Do I Need to Assemble the Wooden Shopping Cart? Is it Hard?

It’s pretty straightforward to assemble the shopping cart toy, but assembling a wooden shopping cart needs adult assembly. To assemble the wooden shopping correctly, you need to follow the instruction included in the package.

Assembling a wooden shopping cart may cost some time because it contains a number of pieces. And you need a screwdriver to do the work, and it takes about 20 minutes usually.

What Age is Wooden Shopping Cart Toy Suitable for?

Wooden Shopping Carts are recommended for kids whose ages are 36 months and up, which means the kids are better older than 3 years old. Because a shopping cart toy is a pretend play toy that require children’s complete walking ability to avoid wobble when pushing the shopping cart toy.

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