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Wooden Shapes Sorters that Boost Your Child’s Intelligence


As a toy loved by young toddlers, wooden shape sorters can be not only a fun activity toy but also a practical learning tool.

Playing with shape sorter is beneficial for small kids in many aspects, and we will break it down for you, and we will also show you the best wooden shape sorters that we’ve found online to help you make an excellent choice!

#1. The Benefits of Shape-Sorter Toys

What is Shape Sorter Toy?

Shape sorter game toy is a Developmental Toy from which kids can learn shapes and colors. A wooden shape sorter usually has multiple pieces in various shapes and a wooden container that has matching holes for kids to drop the shapes into the wooden cube/seat. A wooden shape sorter can be seen as an extremely easy wooden jigsaw puzzle for kids.
Why kids need a shape sorter toy?

Here are the advantages of buying a shape sorter toy for little ones:

Shape Sorters Can Help Babies to Learn Shapes & Colors

When small toddlers start to learn shapes and colors, it’s better to teach them through fun games and activities. Instead of teaching them boringly by drawing shapes on a paper, helping them to identify shapes and colors with shape sorters would be more convenient and efficient. When your child gets older, you might find a shape sorter is not enough to be educational. Then you can see these wooden activity cubes that contain advanced shape sorter games.

Shape Sorters Improve Children’s Finger dexterity & Motor Skills

We know shape sorters are toys that require handwork that kids need to put the shapes into the matching hole. So playing with shape sorter frequently is helpful for promoting young kids’ finger dexterity & motor skills. To make your child’s hands more flexible, buying a shape sorter for him/her might be a good option.

Shape Sorters Are Safe & greener Toy to Play with

Because the shape sorters are toys that are designed for young kids, safety is the most important thing. A well-made shape sorter is not going to come with any small piece that may hurt kids by accident, and the paint should be non-toxic, green, and child-safe.

#2. A Roundup of Best 5 Wooden Shape Sorter Toys

1. Melissa & Doug Wooden Shape Sorting Cube Toy

The Melissa & Doug wooden shape sorting cube is a solid choice for buying the first shape sorter toy. Your preschooler can be fully preoccupied with 12 wooden shapes that are brightly colored and easy to grip.

When it comes to promoting kids’ color & shape recognition and problem-solving skills, the wooden shape sorter is the tip of the iceberg among all the learning toys. You will get 12 pieces in total, and every wooden part in this shape sorter box is in large size and safe for children, there won’t be any choking hazards. The shape sorter container is made of hardwood and painted with natural color. Your child can fit the wooden shapes in the matching holes without any difficulty.

2. Melissa & Doug Wooden Match & Roll Shape Sorter Toy

This wooden Match & Roll shape sorter is from Melissa & Doug, and it has a creative cylinder style compared to other regular shape sorter toys.

As a well-designed learning toy, the wooden shape sorter has an outstanding rolling feature. And kids can roll the drum along when playing. 9 wooden shapes will come with the wooden sorter, and you get shapes from a regular cube to a diamond shape. And storing the wooden pieces is effortless as there is a lid that you can open.

3. Lewo Wooden Geometric Shapes Sorter Toddler Toys

The Lewo wooden shape sorter gives a brand new experience to kids. Coming in bright colors, the shape sorting toy has a reliable wooden base that has 10 posts that hold shapes. There are 4 types of shapes: circles, rectangles, triangles, and squares.
And You will find that each shape can only be matched to a certain area based on the wooden posts’ positions.

Unlike other wooden shape sorters, the wooden shape sorter does not take up too much space as all the shapes can be fit on the ground.

Besides playing shape sorting games, kids can also use these 16 wooden shapes to build some simple architectures just like playing wooden block toys.

4. Coogam Wooden Shape Color Sorting Clock Toy

The versatile wooden shape sorter toy from Coogam comes in clock design, so you can start educating your child more than shapes.

This brightly colored set is filled with 12 different wooden shapes, and there is a number on each on them. Toddlers can easily slide the wooden blocks in the slots and won’t be hurt by the smooth edges that are made for kids. Kiddos will also feel happy about the puzzle toy because there is a realistic clock on the wooden plate, which makes this a golden childhood wooden toy for parents who love to teach how time works for kids.

5. Melissa & Doug Wooden Shape-Sorting Dump Truck Toy

For kids who love wooden car toys, unboxing this wooden truck-shaped shape sorter will make their day.

This wooden playset is a two in one toy that can work as a regular shape sorter and a wooden truck toy. Kids can do pretend play games as there are also 2 play figures come with it. The figures can be placed in the cab of the truck to get more engagement.

The set included 9 different colored wooden shapes, and the working lifting back door enables kids can store all the wooden shapes in the trunk. It’s really the time to get this hot-selling shape sorter toy for more entertainment.

#3. Best Age for Doing Shape Sorters?

Babies that start doing shape sorter should be at least 12 months and under 36 months old.

A young baby typically doesn’t understand shapes and don’t have the skills to put together a simple shape sorter either. When kids passed their 36 months, a shape sorter might seem too easy and not challengeable for them. Then you should consider some advanced other stem toys and educational toys, such as pretend play playsets, rainbow blocks, wooden yoyos.

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