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Old Fashioned & Vintage Wooden Rocking Horses


A vintage wooden rocking horse is many people’s childhood memory. A wooden rocking horse is not only a fun chair toy for kids but also a home decor that gains vintage feeling.

But can you still find these antique retro wooden rocking horses for sale on the market nowadays? Yes! And we’ve collected the best vintage wood rocking horses that are good to buy, and you can directly see the products we selected below!

#1. Best 5 Vintage Wooden Rocking Horse Chair for Sale

1. Labebe Vintage Wooden Child Rocking Horse

Labebe showed shocking data that they produce about 34% of all rocking horses in the world, then you know how dominant it is when it comes to wooden rocking horse toy.
If you are looking for a pure wood rocking horse for kids 1-3 years, then look no further than this Labebe wooden rocking horse chair. This wooden rocking horse is made of solid Cottonwood & plywood, and it’s stable enough to endure outdoor weather. The materials & paint are LEAD-FREE to meet the standard of a qualified child toy.

The old school look will bring you back to the old days, and the wooden horse chair is exactly kids expect to see on the yard.

Besides this walnut color, you can see there is a black & white version of this vintage wooden rocking horse, which is more compact and stylish.

2. Hape Vintage Rock and Ride Wooden Rocking Horse

As one of the top sellers in the toy industry, this Hape wooden rocking mini horse is not going to let you down.

With an old design that has a retro look, the wooden rocking horse is pretty safe as it meets all applicable materials safety standards. And the accessories included assuring your child’s safety better. You will get an adjustable Guardrail and a backrest to take care of your loved one.

The wooden rocking horse is made for entertaining children and encourages children in pretend play, and it gives a gentle rock at a steady pace without any safety concerns.

Hape is a Swiss company that toy shoppers love, so I believe its wooden horse chair is a good option for you too.

3. Storkcraft Wooden Rocking Horse with Vintage Look

The Storkcraft wooden rocking horse, with its textured hair, is one of the cutest wooden rocking horses in the world. You have multiple color choices in this model, from pink to black.

With a vintage design, the rocking horse is a perfect toy for little ones to ride back and forth. The quality of the horse chair is decent as it’s made of rubberwood which is a type of sustainable hardwood.

Because of the playful design, And it’s also a great home decor & ornament that can be placed in teens’ bedroom and playroom. Parents can choose this vintage type of rocking horse for nursery use.

4. Plan Toy Palomino Wooden Rocking Horse for Toddlers

The Plan Toy Palomino is a wooden rocking horse that has an arched streamline. And it will be an excellent toy to boost kids’ motor skills and coordination ability. Moreover, it’s a great antique addition to your room as well.

And the rocking toy is made of natural organic, recycled rubberwood. You will not find and tip edges that may hurt children. Babies will be exciting when seeing this rocking horse as a gift.

5. Teamson Kids – Safari Natural Wooden Rocking Horse

Bright pink and blue are the most popular colors for small kids. And the Teamson Kids beautiful wooden rocking horse is the best gift for kids.

The whole wooden horse toy is hand-carved by craftsman, and the paint is also hand-painted, which gives kids bedroom or unique playroom charm.

Unlike other wooden rocking horses, this wooden horse playset includes a soft pad where your kids can seat on comfortably. And you need to worry about long-time playing with the rocking horse.

#2. Where Can I Buy Vintage Wooden Rocking Horses?

Besides the wooden rocking horses that I listed above, there are some other ways you can try to find a real wooden rocking horse.

Online Shop

You can check online shops or platforms like Amazon & eBay to find if there is a model that you like, or you can go to the online second-hand market to see if there is any wooden rocking horse that you like.

Second Furniture Sales

You can also check out Craigslist to find if there is anyone near you who has yard sales. And we know a lot of people would like to put the rocking chair in their yard, so you may have a big chance of buying a used vintage old rocking horse there.

Local Lumber Shop

If you can not find any wooden horse online, You can go to your local lumber shop to ask them to make a custom one for you. But be aware that this may be costly.

#3. What Age Can Kids Ride Wooden Rocking Horse Chairs?

Babies can explore the world through riding a wooden rocking horse and having fun with a rocking horse improve their imagination, creativity, and motor skills.

You do not need to worry about the weight that a wooden horse chair can hold. A wooden rocking horse can carry more than 100lbs. So there is no specific age limit unless kids feel bored about it.

But usually, the recommended ages for a rocking horse is between 1-year-old to 6 years old.

Ps: if you are interested in finding mini wooden horses barn toy, you can also see here.

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