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Is Wood Recyclable? How to Do Wood Recycling?


For eco-conscious people, recycling waste must be a must-do in life.

There is a horrifying statistics that the wood and paper we throw away each year can provide enough heat for 100,000,000 families.

However, a few people don’t know how to deal with their wasted wood material and their old wooden furniture.

Do you like to know what kinds of wood are recyclable and how we should recycle wood?

Don’t worry, even if you are a newbie to wood recycling, we’ll go through it step by step, and you will find it is nothing but a piece of cake.

Now, let’s start your environmental journey by learning some basic knowledge for recycling wood:

#1. Is Wood Recyclable?

Yes, wood is a recyclable resource.

After multiple recycling processes, wasted wood can be turned into various useful resources.

For example, wood can be reused as wood pulp to make paper, and wasted timber can be treated as a type of fuel just like wooden pellets.

Some factories can also make wasted wood a type of material in building construction.

So please don’t dump the lumber, limps and branches of trees or your wasted wood material next time. You can do a little bit environmental than that.

But there are a few things that need to be aware of, and you don’t recycle every type of wood exactly the same way.

For raw wood and wooden products, the recycling steps might vary. Now, let’s see how we can recycle wasted wood correctly and simply.

#2. How to Recycle Different Woods and Wooden Products?

Before we get into how we recycle wood, usually we will divide the waste wood by its category first.

For raw wood or we can say untreated wood:

It’s perfect to use natural wood as fuel if you have a stove or smoker.

If you don’t have a particular requirement for the wood size, you can just simply chop them into small chunks, and it’s a money-cost way to have extra burning fuel for activities like barbecue or bonfire party.

And you can also use logs and lumber to make wood pellets, which is easier to burn and the fire would be safer and more delightful.

But handling wood by yourself is a hassle, if you think you don’t want to do this and prefer letting somebody just come and take it away, you have another option:

if you have a large amount of wood that is wasted, you can contact your local recycling service center to see if they accept wasted wood.

But there is one thing to notice: recycling some types of hazardous wood requires an exclusive license, be sure they are qualified if this is your case.

For painted or varnished wood:

Usually, wooden products are made of varnished or treated wood, and we don’t do it the same way as we do to raw wood.

Burning the wood with special finishes will even cause more problems than dumping it.

The paint will release harmful chemicals like Arsenic, Teflon, Mercury, and Lead. These elements are going to be a threat to air quality and our body.

So if you have wood products that you don’t want to keep anymore, you can see the following ways:

Tip 1. Give them away to organizations or your neighbors that might need it, a free wooden chair or a desk will help somebody.

Tip 2. Try to sell them as second-hand items, whether online or offline, things you don’t want might be valuable to others.

Tip 3. Or you can take them to your local landfill and let the professional handle it.

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