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6 Antique Wooden Dough Bowls You Should Buy


Wooden dough bowl, one of the most elegant & old fashioned utensil, is fond of by many families who love nature and classic wooden addition.

A wooden dough bowl can work as a food container, and you can put lovely fruits or ingredients inside.

In addition, wooden dough bowls are commonly used as a house centerpiece because of their Aesthetics.

Here you can see our best recommended antique wooden dough bowls that are fresh from the oven. Let’s check it out!

Best 6 Antique Wooden Dough Bowls

1. Antique Rustic Wooden Dough Bowl – Batea

This antique old fashioned wooden dough bowl is handcrafted and made from solid dark wood.

It’s about 11 inches to 12 inches wide and about 20 inches to 22 inches long. For people who love dark centerpiece decor or fruit/food trays, this is a popular choice in the market.

With unique and brown wood grain, the well-made flat wooden bottom shows people what grace is. The beautiful-made design makes the dough bowl won’t wobble, and it’s pretty a good choice when it comes to buying a wooden dough bowl.

2. Deep Antique Wooden Dough Bowl

The natural antique wooden dough bowl is made of natural wood, so the color tone will vary. But, that is to say, every piece produced is different. You will receive a special wooden dough bowl that only belongs to you.

This deep vintage wooden dough bowl comes with a delicate handle, and it makes it more lovely as a home addition or a kitchen utensil. The bowl measures about 8-11″W x 16-19L, the depth is about 5 inches, which is slightly deeper than other regualr dough bowls that made of wood. It’s a versatile wooden bowl that you can use it as a candle base, and it will become an impressive home decorating piece.

3. Southern With Grace Thick Vintage Style Wooden Bread Bowl

The rustic wooden bread bowl comes with its beauty and simplicity. You can use the wooden dough bowls to hold candles and floral arrangements, making it a great home decor. Or you can put it in the kitchen as a high-end food tray that lightens your life.

The dimensions of this wooden dough bowl are approx 21 x 11 x 2.5 inches, which means this bowl is of large capacity. The raw and natural vibe created by the wood materials is going to make you feel relaxed and chilled.

4. roro Natural Wood Long Dough Bowl with Bark Edge


As we have mentioned in our wooden vase reviews, roro is a awesome brand for selling wooden decor and utensils.

This time, the wooden dough bowl does not let us down either. First of all, the bowl is imported from Thailand, and all the handwork are done in Thailand with 100% natural, sustainable, orchard mango wood. The inside of the bowl is light-colored, but the dark tree bark edges made this whole piece looks raw and rustic. It just looks like the wood is freshly cut from a tree. Pretty a nice gift for who has good taste!

5. Rustic Wood Baguette Dough Bowl with Antique Style

This rectangular wooden bowl is something you can not miss if you want to find a long vintage wooden dough bowl in the market.

And it worth every penny as it is well crafted with a natural antique & distressed Colors. It’s also one Of a kind because it’s not something that is mass-produced, you only get a unique piece in the whole world. The wooden tray is food-safe, feel free to put any fruits or food in this long tray.

6. WHW Whole House Worlds Artisinal Wooden Dough Bowl

As shown in the picture, you can see how beautiful it is when you put these harvest-themed fruits in this wooden dough bowl.

Made of solid wood, the dough bowl is durable and will last for decades. It’s an ideal option for serving bagels, donuts, nuts, bread, and many more. All you have to do is to place them in order and this little wooden bowl will look like a charm.

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