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Best Wood Tablet Holders that Free Your Hands.


It’s a pleasant moment when you can put your iPad right on a wooden iPad holder without holding it with your hands instead.

From my perspective, a holder for your tablet is necessary especially when you are using the tablet as a daily routine.

People love hands-free devices for their portableness and user-friendliness, and nobody wants to suffer from hand numbness while watching a great movie. That’s why you should try an iPad holder if you have not yet.

And we know that wood is recyclable and renewable, using a wood stand is greener than plastic stand.

Here we have included the hottest wooden tablet holders, giving an opportunity for you to free your hands.

Let’s see how these little smart items can improve your life.

1. Most Popular Wood Tablet Holders and Stands

2. What Kind of Wood Holders You Should Buy

3. How to Build a DIY Wooden iPad Holder

1. Best Wood Tablet Holder

Placing your iPad on the wood dock when bathing or cooking in the kitchen is so delightful, and I call my wood frame stand the ‘tiredness killer.’

Having a wood tablet holder can be such a cool thing, but choosing the one that meets your need is also important.

Which one is right for you? Read on and get started.

1. AuroTrends Wooden Desktop Stand for iPad

Coming with a minimalist style, the AuroTrends bamboo wood holder is a simple, elegant stand for wood/bamboo lover.

According to the merchant, the holder is compatible with all kinds of tablets, not just the iPad.

The material is made of 100% natural solid bamboo wood with a polished finish.

The versatility ables you to charge your tablet without difficulties.

2. wihacc Adjustable Wooden Holder, Perfect For iPad

The wihacc Bamboo Wood stand is a lightweight and portable gadget for placing your iPad or tablet.

The dimension of the holder plate is 11.2″ x 8.3″ x 0.39″, and the adjustable feature enables you to use it as a book and recipe stand.

5 angle settings are available for adjusting different viewing angles.

The compact, ergonomic design and the quality of the solid and rugged bamboo make the natural wooden stand an aesthetic and sturdy product for tablet.

Don’t miss this holder if you find it inconvenient to adjust the viewing angle for your tablet.

3. Sofia + Sam Bamboo Wood Tablet Holder

The Sofia + Sam natural wood stand works with iPad, Surface, etc.

You can also use it as a cookbook stand in the kitchen, and it also works with smartphones.

The eco-friendly stand fits major devices, smartphones, tablets, and e-readers.

Put it on the table of your kitchen or the desk of your living room, and it will make your room look modern and stylish.

What a beautiful addition, isn’t it?

4. SAMDI Walnut Wood Tablet Stand

If you prefer a wooden iPad holder with a dark color, check this.

As a black walnut wood iPad holder, the SAMDI wood stand is made of natural wood and the wood’s surface is cross-grained.

It has a perfect size for all kinds of tablets and iPad, no matter you are going to watch videos or read vertically and horizontally.

To achieve durability, they use premium wood sheets and the woods are hydraulic-hot-pressed.

For people who love a stylish and curved design for their iPad, it’s also an eye-pleasing one.

5. Pezin & Hulin Wood Docking Stand Organizer

We know that sometimes we need more than a wooden stand for placing our tablet.

If products above do not meet your needs, see this Pezin & Hulin Bamboo Charging Station Holder.

We can also try this type of wood holder to charge our tablets. Charging your iPad and phone with only one stand is simple and neat.

The charging holder is made of 100% natural bamboo and works with multiple devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptop.

The bamboo station came equipped with a docking rack where you can put multiple devices.

It saves your room and makes your desk less messy.

2. How to Choose A Excellent Wood iPad Holder

No matter you are buying a wooden pos stand or other holders for your tablet, you should check out the following aspects:

1. Adjustable

Usually a good tablet holder allows you to adjust the angle vertically or horizontally.

Having an adjustable stand makes you have more flexibility when choosing the viewing angles.

You are not going to be embarrassed when some Apps require a specific way of putting your tablet to operate better.

2. Versatile

I’m not saying that you should buy a versatile tablet holder here, everyone has the right choice.

If you only want a plain wood iPad holder, just go for the one that you like in your budget.

Some holders have special features for advanced needs, such as wireless charging, compatible for phone, or led lights.

Your habit and circumstances decide what kinds of holders that you should buy.

Try to rethink if they are beneficial for you before buying an expensive holder for your tablet.

Or you may find some fancy features is never used after you buy it, how unnecessary it is.

3. Sturdy & Stable

I used to have a plastic iPad bed stand, and I used it to watch funny Youtube videos almost every night.

But there was one thing that made me start to think about the importance of a stand’s stableness.

At one time, when I tried to adjust the angle of the iPad stand to get a better position, the shaft of it suddenly broke.

But that’s not the worst part, the iPad with a piece shaft just fell on my face, and my nose started bleeding immediately.

Luckily, I did not get spiked by the shaft, or else my eyes could be damaged so severely.

No matter for a bed stand or a dock stand holder, having a durable sturdy and safe design always comes first.

Make sure your iPad won’t slip out of the stand when you are buying it.

3. Can I DIY a Wood Holder for My iPad? How?

Personalizing your wood iPad holder require some woodworking technique and skills.

Follow the video, let’s see where we should start:

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