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Best Wooden Bow: Top Picks & Buying Guide 2019


Are you searching for the best wooden bow for hunting?

Are you new to archery, and looking for the best wood archery bows for beginners?

In this post, I’ll go through basically everything you want to know about wood bow, including top picks of best wooden bow, how to choose the best wooden bow, and what is the best wood for bow making.


Part 1: Recommended Best Wood Bows 2019

Part 2: Wood Bows Buying Considerations

Part 3: Best Wood to Make a Bow

Part 4: Easy Steps to Make a Wooden Bow

Top 4 Best Wood Bows for 2019 for Hunting & Archery

If you want the best archery experience, you will need the best wood bow. So, let’s cut to the chase and round up the best wood bows available in 2019!

1. Hungarian Style Handmade Wooden Longbow: Best Wooden Longbow

This longbow is hands-down one of the best wood bow in a variety of ways. Assembled with wood, cow leather, glass steel and beech, this wooden longbow is definitely a beautifully-made that shoots true.

The cow leather covering the bow body gives the wooden longbow a nice touch, and help provide sturdiness and durability for the wood longbow in the long run.

ProductHungarian Style Handmade Wooden Longbow
MaterialWood, Cow Leather, Glass steel, Beech
Draw Weight (lbs.)30-60lbs
Overall Bow Length54 Inches
Bow String Length51 Inches
Brace Height6.1 Inches
DexterityRight Hand and Left Hand

2. Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow: Best Wooden Recurve Bow for Beginners

This wood recurve bow from Samick is a top-notch wood bow for an affordable price. The riser of this Samick Sage Wood Recurve Bow is made of maple wood and olive dymondwood, which make this wood bow extremely durable and resilient at the same time

The limbs are made from the combination of hard male wood and black fiberglass. And the mix makes sure the limbs are durable for long-term use, and flexible for an archery starter.

One vital reason why this wood bow becomes the #1 Best Seller in Archery Recurve Bows on Amazon lies in that it’s a takedown wooden bow, which means you can upgrade the limbs as you become more and more experienced with archery.

ProductSamick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow
MaterialsWood, Hard Maple, Fiberglass Coating, Metal
Draw Weight (lbs.)25-60lbs
Max Draw Length29 Inches
AMO Bow Length62 Inches
Brace Height7 1/4 Inches to 8 1/4 Inches
DexterityRight Hand and Left Hand

3. Southwest Archery Spyder Takedown Recurve Bow: Best Wooden Bow for Hunting

For a hunter looking for the best wood bow for hunting and targeting, this beautiful compact, accurate, lightweight bow is definitely a great choice!

Designed in both left hand and right hand with draw weights of 20lb-60lb, using increments of 5lbs, this wood bow will be a good option for just about any archers for easy targeting.

ProductSouthwest Archery Spyder Takedown Recurve Bow
Draw Weights (lbs.)20-60lbs
Max Draw Length29 Inches
AMO Length62 Inches
Brace Height7.5 Inches – 8.25 Inches
DexterityRight Hand and Left Hand

4. KESHES Takedown Hunting Recurve Bow: Best Wooden Bow for Adults and Teens

This wood recurve bow is everything you’d expect for a novice-intermediate bow and a bit more at its price range.

Combined with different sourced wood, the KESHES wooden recurve bow features lightweight, withstand high and low poundage, aesthetically pleasing and impressively comfortable to hold.

ProductKESHES Takedown Wood Recurve Bow
Draw Weights (lbs.)15-55lb
Max Draw Length29 Inches
AMO Length62 Inches
Brace Height7.75 Inches – 8.5 Inches
DexterityRight Hand and Left Hand

How to Choose the Best Wooden Bow Based on Your Needs


I’m afraid there are no one-size-fits-all wood archery bows to meet all archers’ needs. Here’s what you should check when choosing the best wood bow that fits your needs.

1. To know your purpose to get wood archery bows

Before actually getting your hands on a woo bow, you need to work out your purpose first, and the purpose should be considered throughout the decision-making process.

For instance, if you’re searching for the best wooden bow for hunting, you will need a wood recurve bow with smaller risers aiming for short-distance shooting, while target bows are usually equipped with longer risers.

2. To figure out the draw weight and draw length

Draw weight of a wooden recurve bow is the amount of pulling force required to draw the wood string.

Actually there is no one-off formula to find out the suitable draw weights for you. You will need to take your body condition, body weight, and experience into consideration.

Generally speaking, I’d recommend children weigh under 100 pounds to get wood bows of 10-25 lbs. draw weights, female with small to medium body build to get wooden bows of 25-35 lbs. draw weights, male with small to medium frame to get draw heights between 30 and 55 lbs.

The good news is it’s way easier to find wooden recurve bow with versatile draw weights and draw lengths these days, so you can easily adjust the draw length at which you’d feel most comfortable and practical.

3. To consider the weight of the wood recurve bow

Wooden recurve bows and longbows come in various bow weights and you definitely should take this factor into consideration.

The lighter the wooden archery bow is, the longer you will be able to carry it around for hunting – simple enough. If the bow itself weighs, it will not help improve your hunting experience and will make the archery sport less enjoyable.

What Is the Best Wood for a Bow


Choosing the best wood for longbows and recurve bows is critical, because not only will it affect the look of the wooden bows, but also the performance.

When looking for the best wood for bow making, you will want to stay away from softwoods, such as pine, black spruce, aspen and more, because they won’t be sturdy enough to stand pulling force and bending.

Osage orange, red oak, bamboo and hickory, these are the woods commonly considered the best wood for a bow.

In terms of durability and sturdiness, people tend to favor Osage Orange as the best wood to make a bow and arrow.

Red oak is a popular option as the best wood to use for a bow as well, for it’s extremely cheap and way easier to find than Osage Orange does.

How to Make a Wooden Bow: Video Tutorial to Make the Best Wood Bow

Now that you’ve obtained all the basic info about wood archery bows and best wood for bow making, here’s the step-by-step video tutorial on how to make a wooden bow with simple tools:

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