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Feeling Bored with Your Window? Try These Wooden Blinds!


In summer, it’s unwise to have a window without curtains or blinds.

Whether you are looking for a new house’s decoration, preventing strong sun’s rays or replacing your existing window curtains with new ones, buying excellent blinds is the first thing you need to do.

That’s where our recommendation list of wooden window blinds comes in.

We did the work to find some of the greatest on the market, which saves your time in browsing various and tedious ads. All you have to do is decide which one is your type.

Among all the types of window blinds that are available in the market, wooden blinds are always the type of classiness. With different colors and texture of the wood used by the blinds, you can decorate your home elegantly and make it have a natural and premium style. Refresh them with wood sealer and wood stain is also easy.

Also, you can stop the sunshine coming in when the sun is burning out there.

Many of you have seen different blinds, how about we take a look at these wooden blinds in-depth this time?


1. Best Wooden Blinds: Review and Comparison

2. Why Should You Choose Wooden Blinds

3. How to Choose a Good Wooden Blind

3. How to Install Your Wooden Blinds on Window

1. Top Wooden Blinds for Window

For interior designers, wooden blinds are always used commonly at home.

Selecting ideal wooden blinds is not an easy task since everybody needs them to perfectly match their needs, such as style, color, and size.

Whether you just bought a new house or hesitate about how to choose the best wooden blind for your window, here, we will cover all the details about these tremendous wooden blinds on the market.

However, as we have prepared a list of the top 10 best wooden window blinds, choosing your wooden blinds is not difficult anymore.

1. Luxr Blinds Premium Quality Basswood Blinds

The wood used by this Luxr blind is basswood material, which gives a fresh and natural color to the blind.

Unlike other faux wooden blinds, genuine wood slats are more durable and stay longer.

It says that the wood blind can block 99% sunlight if you want full-angle privacy.

With easy inside mount, you can install the blind in your room in a very short time.

They have the most common size blinds on the market. But you can even contact them to make you a custom-sized wooden shade.

2. Cordless Woven Wood Roman Shades

The Hatteras wood blind is a cordless and natural one, which highlights the look of the natural woven style.

With 100% natural materials, this made-in-USA woven wood shade can protect you from sunlight fantastically.

The cordless control system of this wooden blind works smooth and neatly.

When purchasing this wooden shade, you will be asked about the measurements and custom needs through Email to make sure you are buying the right one.

However, this one is not entirely private. If you are looking for something that can make your room completely dark, feel free to choose other wooden blinds in this list.

3. ALEKO Bamboo Roman Wooden Blinds

As an excellent alternative to light filtering shades, ALEKO blinds’ slats are made of gorgeous bamboo and the cord is made of woven silk.

The balance between dark and bright is fully controlled by you. The opaque slats can be adjusted quickly.

If you need something to add to your indoor décor, you can not miss this wooden roll up window shade.

4. Achim Home Furnishings Wood Grain Blinds

Achim Home Furnishings will offer you various fresh wood blinds, including multiple sizes and style.

Coming with a cordless design, you don’t need to tangle the cords anymore.

This is a great feature which can make your child and pet 100% secure and safe.

But you won’t find it hard to adjust the blind, all you need is to lift or lower bottom rail simply. And a great tilt wand is included,

Without cord harness, the whole product look compact and neat.

If you prefer a traditional one, they also have a corded version.

You can choose to mount these blinds inside and outside of your window frame. It’s all up to you.

There is only one thing that needs to think twice:

This blind’s material is not 100% natural. It is made of Vinyl and paint it as woodgrain color.

2. Why Wooden Blinds? See These Pros and Cons


I believe many of you people may not have that much idea about materials of window blinds.

Truth be told, among all the window blinds, the blinds that are made of wood are not the popular ones. But it’s definitely my favorite ones.

So, go through these things below and find if why & how to choose the wooden blinds.

Different blinds and shades have different characteristics. Usually, wooden blinds use a series of hardwood slats to achieve sturdiness and durability.

To adjust the level of sunshine coming in, these slats should be able to be changed individually. You can raise or lower them to get more or less light in.

1. Strong Ability to Prevent Sunlight

Wooden shades usually are made of dense hardwood, which is ideal for preventing the light from getting in.

Unlike some low-quality plastic blinds that are too thin to protect you from the sunlight, by using wooden blinds, you don’t have to worry if your room is going to get too bright even in the hottest season.

Besides, good wood has a better heat protection ability. That’s is also why people love it.

2. Amazingly Beautiful and Natural Design

To add a natural feeling to your house, what is better than wooden decoration?

A wooden blind can make your window even your entire house look mature and fresh at the same time.

Wooden Blinds usually come in a variety of styles and colors, like walnut, cherry, oak, etc.

You can make your window it an old fashioned one or a modern one, it all can be done by adding different type of wooden blinds.

Choose the right one based on your personal preference. The wooden blinds always look natural, elegant, and sleek.

3. How to Choose a Right Wooden Blind

1. Blinds Material

The most important and the reason why people love wooden blinds is that they are made of wood.

Natural high quality wood is durable, sturdy, and environmental.

Although being tanned by the sun, they will not cause toxic chemicals released.

So make sure the wooden blinds or bamboo blinds you buy is not going to harm your health before you click the purchase button.

2. Slats Size

You don’t want to purchase a mini window blind with 1-inch slats to cover a big window.

Usually there are several sizes of wooden blinds’ slats:

  • 1/2 inches
  • 1 inch
  • 2 inches

Of course, some custom slats are also available to be bought on the market.

Find the one that fits your window, or it might lose its power to protect your from the light.

3. Wood Color

To get a proper color of the window blind is also a thing.

But it mainly depends on personal preference and other house interior furniture’s style.

In my opinion, a dark and vintage wooden blind is my favorite wood color.

Having walnut or dark brown wood blinds could make your house look refined and elegant.

4. Is the Blind Safe?

Another critical factor that you should never forget is the safety of the blind. Don’t let them become a threat to your family.

Be careful of the strings and slats. They might be potentially dangerous for small kids and pets.

If you really have concerns, Cordless window blind is a safer option to use instead.

4. How to Install and Hang Wooden Blinds Like a Pro

Usually, people install wooden blinds in 3 ways:

  • outside mount
  • inside mount
  • ceiling mount

No matter what installing method you use and no matter what types of blinds you install, wooden or faux blinds, the very first thing is to get all the materials ready. Nails, brackets, drill, pencil, screwdriver, some people might need extra anchors as well to secure the blind.

Here is a brief instruction to installing your wooden blinds.

Make sure the head rail is even inside the window frame, and mark the left side and right side with a pencil.

Mount the brackets on the pencil marks.

Install the head rail and the valance.

Mount the cord cleat

Pretty straightforward, huh?

If you find it a bit unclear just by reading the text, here is a short video which can help you to know how to install your blinds in 2 minutes.

Wrap Up

I hope this article can help you with picking a good wooden blind for your window and hope you have already known how to install it.

Wooden blinds and shades are green and nice items that you can start to add comfort to your room with.

Trust me, they won’t let you down. They are popular on the market for reasons indeed.

If you have any question, leave the comment below, just let me know what you think!

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