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Best Wooden Rolling Pin: Detailed Buying Guide & Top Picks


Behind every great baker, there must be an old wooden rolling pin. True baking enthusiast won’t settle for any antique wooden rolling pin, though.

But how to spot the best wooden rolling pin across the board? Which carved wooden rolling pin is for you?

Scroll down for insights into wooden rolling pins and buying consideration checklist.


Best Wooden Rolling Pins to Enhance Your Baking Experience

Everyone who’s looking to better their baking experience should strive to get the best wood rolling pin that suits their needs and meet their budget.

Whether you’re a novice baker looking for wooden dowel rolling pin or a seasoned baker searching for the best decorative wooden rolling pin, you’ll want to check out these recommendations, straight from the experts.

1. Joseph Joseph 20085 Adjustable Wooden Rolling Pin: Best Wooden Rolling Pin Overall

The Joseph Joseph Adjustable Rolling Pin with Removable Rings is the best wooden rolling pin for bakers who’s been struggling to flatten dough evenly, to ensure uniform thickness.

What distinguishes this wooden rolling pin from many wooden pins out there is that it comes with four sets of removable discs that can raise the rolling surface by different scales so that you can easily roll to the exact required thickness.

This wooden rolling pin is made of the combination of solid beech wood, plastic rings etched measurements, which makes it amazingly easy to be maintained.

2. GoodCook Classic Wooden Rolling Pin: Best Budget Wooden Rolling Pin

If you’re all about a best value wooden rolling pin, you can’t miss out the GoodCook Classic Wooden Rolling Pin with easy roll bearings.

Designed smaller and lighter than the standard ones, this old fashioned wooden rolling pin makes a great pick for occasional bakers and works well for small projects.

This wooden ravioli rolling pin is made of genuine hardwood with nylon bearings in one-piece construction, which makes it surprisingly durable and ensures smooth rolling.

3. K. Adams FRP-1 Maple French Rolling Pin: Best Wooden French Rolling Pin

Another great option for wooden dowel rolling pin is from J. K. Adams. This wooden rolling pin is made of durable maple wood, so you’ll be able to use this wooden rolling pin for years to come.

This wooden dowel rolling pin is light-weight and it ensures an easy grip for rolling dough into great circles.

With the French style design, you’re able to put your weight directly on the pin, offering the great leverage for rolling out stiffer ingredients.

4. Ateco 18325 Professional Rolling Pin: Best Wooden Rolling Pin for Seasoned Bakers

Roll out pie crusts, cookie dough, and puff pastry with absolute ease using the Ateco professional wooden rolling pin.

It’s make out of solid maple wood in proper weight so it can roll out tougher doughs and ingredients.

The smooth surface and tapered ends of the wooden dowel rolling pin make it easy to keep clean and even easier to clean off and care for.

5. Norpro 3083 Springerle Wooden Rolling Pin: Best Carved Wooden Rolling Pin

Looking for decorative wooden rolling pins to make embossed cookies? This carved wooden rolling pin from Norpro has you covered.

Designs on the springerle rolling pin are wonderfully carved. It gets nicely deep engravings for good impression in cookies, fondant and ginger snaps, but not too deep so it can be easily clean off with a damp cloth.

Best Wooden Rolling Pin: Choices to Make Before Purchasing

When looking for the best wooden rolling pin on the market, I’m certain that you’ll get a pretty long list to choose from. Let’s narrow down the field by making some choices first!

French wooden rolling pin or traditional wooden rolling pin?

Out there on the market, you’ll find two common styles of wooden rolling pin, French and traditional wooden rolling pin.

For beginners who have little to no experience, traditional wooden rolling pins would be a better option, for it’s easier to handle and use.

Traditional wooden rolling pin features two easy-to-operate handles, which enables novice bakers to easily roll out dough in required thickness. And as such, traditional wooden rolling pins are widely used for most of the baking projects, cookie, pizza, etc.

French style wooden rolling pin is designed without any handles. This handleless design allows the French style rolling pin to have a larger rolling area, making it ideal for seasoned bakers who know how to effectively use the bodyweight when rolling.

To finish the wooden rolling pin with wood sealer or with oil?

It’s often recommended that wooden rolling pins be seasoned to create a seal over the surface, given that the rolling pins would be regularly washed in warm water. If it’s not properly finished, dough and pastry would stick to the rolling pin, making it terribly difficult to clean off.

It’s equally important to choose a protective coating for vintage wooden rolling pins so it would be in good condition to stand up to frequent and heavy rolling, for years to come.

For many wood projects, we’d use wood sealer to give wood piece a waterproof coat. But for wooden rolling pin, you’ll want to finish it with food-safe mineral oil, considering the frequent contact with ingredients and your hands.

Best Wooden Rolling Pins: Key Features for Your Checklist

  • Wood Material

Wooden rolling pins are the most popular rolling pins across the board. To get the best wooden rolling pin, look for rolling pins that are made of solid hardwoods like cherry, maple, beech, etc.

These hardwood materials would make wooden rolling pins that are durable, moisture-resistant, and rust-proof.

  • Length

The wooden rolling pin barrel is the surface you’ll use to roll out dough. A wooden rolling pin usually comes in the length of 12 inches, and this standard length will work fine for most of the rolling tasks.

If your baking project involves large sheets of dough, like pizza dough, rolling pins with longer length of the barrel would be the best wooden rolling pin for you.

  • Weight

The overall weight of the wooden rolling pin is for sure a fundamental feature to consider when choosing the best wooden rolling pin.

I wouldn’t recommend beginners to get heavier pins, because it takes more effort to work with at the beginning, and it could break the dough during the rolling process if the pressure on the dough is not properly handled.

How to Clean Wooden Rolling Pins

When you have found the best wooden rolling pin, the next challenge is to keep it in its best condition for the years to come.

What is the best possible way to care for antique wooden rolling pins? How to clean wooden rolling pin?

First thing first. NEVER leave your wooden rolling pin soak in water. This can lead the wooden rolling pin to warp or crack. Similarly, never should you toss it in a dishwasher.

Follow the proper practice on how to clean wooden rolling pin:

  1. If you have dough and pastry stick to the rolling pin, gently remove them with a bench scraper. And you will want to do this right after the rolling process.
  2. Wipe the whole wooden rolling pin with a damp cloth, to get rid of the remaining ingredients.
  3. Wipe your rolling pin with a clean and try tower, and let it air dry completely before storing.

Done and done! This is all a wooden rolling pin needs. I don’t recommend using soap during the cleaning process, because it could strip the oil coating out of the wooden rolling pin.

How to Make a Wooden Rolling Pin

Want to get your family something special this Christmas? A handmade wooden rolling pin will make a perfect gift that says a lot.

Follow the video tutorial below and make a fancy handmade wooden rolling pin, for yourself or your loved one:

Wrapping Up

Well! That’s it for the best wooden rolling pin topic. Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions about wooden rolling pins, or any ideas you want to share!

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