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Top 3 Wooden Cradles for Your Lovely Baby


Often feeling drained of making your baby sleep at night?

A wooden cradle for baby can’t be any better for parents who have problems of taking of their child’s sleep.

A steady wooden baby cradle is a pain relief for parents and is also a perfect product to improve babies’ sleep.

Today I’m are excited to share some thoughts on wooden cradles and bassinets.

For example: What’s good about wooden cradles. How are the prices of wooden baby cradles in the market and how to pick them?

We’ll also list some best reviewed wooden baby cradles for you if that’s what you are looking for.

Now, let’s dive into it.

1. Reasons to Buy a Wooden Cradle

2. Best Wooden Baby Cradles

3. Things to Look When Purchasing a Wooden Cradle

1. Benefits of Wooden Baby Cradles

A bassinet or cradle that made of wood is safe and sturdy for a nursery.

Aesthetic wood material will make your baby 24/7 safe with stable structure and frame.

Because the thermal conductivity of wood is much weaker than metal, one of the advantages of the wooden baby cradle is that your baby won’t get a bad cold/hot feeling when he/she accidentally touch the wood frame.

We all know that it’s a desperate moment when you touch a steel rod in the winter.

What’s more, some sharp pieces may hurt your child if you don’t install them correctly. That’s why cradles that have metal parts are not recommended from my viewpoint.

Some economic choices are also popular among parents, such as cloth cradle, plastic cradle.

These cradles are not as expensive as a delicate wooden cradle though, they are not durable like wood material as well. A great Wooden cradle is more much stronger than other cradles.

Another thing is that do not save money on our baby’s safety. Some cheap cloth or plastic will release toxic gas like PVC(Polivinil klorida) and it might cause an allergic reaction to the baby’s since their tender skin is vulnerable.

2. Top Wooden Baby Cradles

So, if you have already had an interest in buying a wooden cradle or a wooden crib for your baby, let’s see what are the greatest options that we got.

1. Dream On Me Wooden Rocking Cradle

If you just had a newborn child in your house, the Dream On Me wooden cradle is designed for someone like you.

You can give your baby a good sleep without any effort by using this cradle.

Coming with 3 color option – Cherry, Expresso, and Natural, the beautiful finish is well-painted, but don’t worry about it, it’s 100% non-toxic.

The comfy slumber pad is also included in the package, which is just right enough (Dimension: 18x36x2) for your little baby. Your child is going to be impressed when he/she is laying on it.

This wooden rocking cradle will rock to a smooth and steady pace.

For people who don’t need the cradle to rock, the cradle has 4 support pin for you to turn it into a stationary wooden crib within a minute.

Being a first-time parent is hard, and this is the helper you should be looking for.

2. Green Frog Allegro Wooden Cradle

The solid New Zealand pine wood material makes the Green Frog wooden cradle secure and durable products for children.

The well-painted expresso finish is excellent and elegant by the look.

This wooden cradle is easy to assemble but has great support at the same time.

The mattress size is the same as the first one: 18 inches width and 36 inches long.

If you happen to be an environmentalist, you would also be impressed by what they do: they claim that they will plant a tree for every cradle that they sold.

3. SKEMiDEX Wood Baby Cradle

If you are looking for a natural wood cradle that can help your baby with good sleep, then check this out.

The SKEMiDEX wooden cradle is made of pine and comes with a comfortable canopy.

The mattress is 37″L x 20 “W x14.5″H, which has enough room for your child’s stretching.

With a durable frame and good design, the wooden cradle on wheels is easy to move. The cradle itself offers a gentle swing as well.

3. How to pick a good wooden cradle for your loved one

1. Size

Make sure the cradle is not too small or it will make your child feel uncomfortable.

We know little babies grow so fast if you don’t want to change your baby cradle or baby crib in the future,

remember to measure the mattress size before you buy a wooden cradle or bassinet.

2. Durability

A good wooden cradle should be made of solid material like pine or oak.

Your baby will spend much time in the cradle, and sometimes they will jump or crawl unexpectedly.

To protect them from getting any hurt, the wood frame has to be thick and strong.

Do not waste your money on those cheap quality wood cribs, because we know baby’s safety is the priority.

3. Finish

Raw wood does not have a smooth and bright surface, which may cut our baby.

Usually, the wood that cradles have are varnished and has a painted finish.

Check if the finish is 100% non-toxic and make sure it will provide the baby with a secure environment.

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