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Best Wood Duck Call for Hunting of 2019, Let the Journey Begin


Hunting life, as a hobby for many adventurous people, is a popular and lucrative hobby in the world.

But today, the hunting gear that what we will discuss about is not that commonly used, even for the experienced hunter.

What is that? – The duck call!

We’ll check out what duck call is, and I’ll also share the smartest wooden duck calls and the best wood duck call on the market and buying guide.

1. What is Duck Call?

Duck call is a hunting tool, which hunters will lure waterfowl use with.

In the olden days, people found that imitating mallard sound makes hunting ducks simpler.

The sound-imitation will attract waterfowl and let them show up from tall reed grass.

Not long after, a labor-saving way is created. People found that woodwind instruments also work well to lure animals.

Later duck calls have a step forward that hunter can adjust the volume and tone to make a lifelike duck sound.

Nowadays, duck calls have become more aesthetic and easy to blow.

Hunting waterfowl for Hunters has been much fun than before.

But where can you buy a decent duck call? That is the question on point.

We’ve collected the most popular wooden duck calls on the market, let’s see which one is your favorite in the content below.

2. Best Wooden Duck Call in 2019

1. Duck Commander Jase Robertson Pro Series Duck Call

The Jase Robertson Pro Series Duck Call from Duck Commander has a variety of wooden duck calls.

This dark-finished wooden duck call with fine carving work is made of high-grade wood with a polycarbonate insert.

It’s specially designed for hunting mallard and ducks, and it has the same volume and range as a mallard hen.

They adopted a friction fit system and made the duck call easy to blow and operate.

They even claimed that this is the easiest blowing call they’ve ever produced.

You can see there are a whole lot of options of wooden duck call in this Jase Robertson Pro Series, each of them have different characteristics.

2. Faulk’s Walnut Wood Duck Call

With a reasonable price and an old-fashioned look, the Faulk’s Regular is a hot item on the market.

Raspy duck sound from the call will do the trick when you are hunting ducks. The wooden call makes feeding chuckle that sounds like a real duck.

The brand itself is also reputed for producing calls for duck for more than 50 years, and they even have CD tutorials to teach you how to use their duck calls.

What? You are not looking for a wooden duck call.

Are you seeking the best call for hunting the duck called ‘wood ducks’? Here is our top pick:

Duck Commander Wood Duck Call

Another smart pick from Duck Commander. The color of the finish is plain, but it does have a good sound indeed.

This durable wood duck call has 3 sound levels, which makes easy to blow a different realistic sound like flying or sitting sound.

The wood call is a single reed duck call.

With this tough and sturdy call, you won’t find any troubles when hunting wood ducks.

‘You will be spitting feathers’ – the slogan really shows you how easy you can start your hunting journey.

3. How to Choose a Great Duck Call

To have a successful hunting duck experience, always buy the duck call that suits you best.

And you can buy your duck call according to these aspects:

1. Color

Choosing the color of duck call for hunters is important, do think twice when you buy a bright-colored duck call.

A bright color will expose your location easily. An orange, yellow, or red duck call will be identified by ducks immediately, which makes it harder to lure them out and catch them.

An ideal color for duck call should be dark and hard to spot. That is why wooden and camouflaged duck calls are popular.

2. Single Reed or Double Reed?

First, This is not a single selection.

There is not a better choice between single reed duck call and double reed duck call. We can’t say which is better than the other.

But they do have different features. You should always find the one suits you best according to your personal preference.

Single Reed Calls Pros:

  • More range
  • More volume
  • More tonal Abilities

Single Reed Calls Cons:

  • Difficult to blow and operate

Double/dual Reed Calls Pros:

  • Easy to master
  • Realistic sound of ducks

Double/dual Reed Calls Cons:

  • Less range and tonal probabilities

3. Price

The range of a duck call’s price is wide. You can see there are custom duck calls that are over 100 bucks while you can also get a mass-produced duck call for just $10.

Usually, you will get what you pay for, a well-made duck call has better distance, more realistic sound.

If you go for a custom duck call whose tone and sound you can adjust according to your calling style.

This will cost more than other call ducks for sure. But you can get subtle duckling sound and product finesse as well.

4. DIY Wood Duck Call

If you are good at handling handicraft and or want to start woodworking, you can make your own duck call follow steps of the video:

Usually the best wood for duck call is hardwood, such as hickory, African blackwood, ironwood.

So, that’s pretty much it of today.

Let me know what you think about your duck call or any duck call recommendation in the comment!

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