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Looking for A Bamboo or Wooden Tea Box? Check This Out First.


I’m literally a tea people, are you?

But to be honest, I did not know how to store my tea until I bought my first tea chest box.

After years of experiences, now I think I can share some thoughts on storing tea and tea bags.

Today I want to recommend a very proper item for you if you have no idea how to keep tea fresh – A wooden/bamboo tea box!

Before we get started, let’s talk about how we should store our teas first. And I will list the best wooden tea boxes and tell you why they are decent.

1. Factors that affect tea quality

2. Best wooden/bamboo tea boxes

3. Things to avoid when buying a wooden tea box

#1. Factors that will degrade your tea.

There are many things that will make your tea taste bad.

1. Air

You should not keep your tea exposed to air directly because air contains water vapor.
So a wooden chest box is workable for storing your tea because of its good sealing.

2. Scents

Do not put your tea near anything that has odors. Your teas can absorb the smell of other things easily. Even two types of teas can’t be stored together in a box. That’s why many wooden tea boxes have several compartments and you should keep them apart.

3. Humidity

As I mentioned above, the water vapor is not something good to your teas.

Make your tea stay away from any environments that are humid or moist. A lot of people will put their teas in the kitchen, that is not a perfect idea. Frankly speaking, you should never put them in the places that might get wet.

4. Light

Your tea quality will get affected by sunlight and UV rays.
That’s why a transparent container is not a great option for storing tea.
A dry & dark can is what you should consider when thinking about tea storage.

5. Temperature

Hight temperature and low temperature can make your tea go bad.
Usually, we say the best temperature for storing tea is 68 to 77°F (20 to 25°C).
But some teas require different temperature. Before you put your tea in the fringe, you better think twice.

You may also want to check this experiment about storing tea.

#2. Best Wooden Tea Boxes

As I mentioned above, a wooden tea box can meet your needs of storing and organizing your tea.

So, Please see the following list of my favorite tea boxes that are made out of wood and hope it can help you make your choice!

1. Kwijns Kreations 100% BAMBOO Tea Box


Many people will think that bamboo is a kind of wood, but that is not correct. Technically speaking, bamboo is classified as a grass.

With 8 divided compartments, this bamboo tea box is a perfect match for people who love Lipton or Twinings tea bags. You can put more than 120 tea bags in it and organize them according to their categories or the package colors. And the glass lid is magnetic and transparent. That’s quite elegant for displaying your tea bags’ beautiful little packaging. I know it’s very common to stir tea for many people, and the sweet part is that this tea box also has a side drawer where you can store your small tea spoons. But, please note that the drawer is not enough for long handle spoons because its size and depth.

2. Lipper International Wood Tea Box

If you are not planning to store over 20 tea bags at a time, the simple & neat acacia wood tea box would be a perfect match. With 4 shallow sections, you can even use it as a spice container. The color and the wood grain looks vintage and has an antique style. The whole box is not transparent, which makes sure the sealing is good. But the con is the dividers cannot be removed and they are glued to the box.

3. Cookbook People Adjustable Tea Box

The dividers are not removable and you think it’s a problem? you should see this.
The Cookbook People adjustable tea box enables you to customize the layout of your tea box inside. You can purchase an extra shelf to make unique dividers whatever you want. They call it a Multikeep slat system. What’s more, you can even customize the text that will be carved on the lid. The tea box is made from 100% hardy bamboo and the latching lid makes it more stable and safe than other tea boxes.

4. The Bamboo Leaf Cherrywood Tea Storage Chest

If you prefer a mature and dark color, how about a cherrywood tea box?

Actually, there are 4 color options you can choose from: cherrywood, walnut, natural, and black.

This solid wooden tea box looks well-cut and premium with some golden embellishments and art prints. And the seller says there are two versions of this model: windowed version and non-windowed version. The dividers are removable and it’s portable. Personally speaking, I like this a lot, but it will be better if it has a latching lid.

5. Mijenko Wooden Tea Box


A luxury gift is always pricey and this one is no exception.
This wooden tea box is more than a simple holder with rose-gold metal dividers and exquisite metal closing hinges. A tea lover would definitely think it is the most rewarding present. The wood they use is thick and durable acacia wattle wood, and the glass window is tempered and shatterproof. If you are buying a gift for someone, this one is the best.

#3. Things to avoid when buying a tea box

1. Don’t buy a glass tea box

If you are a fan of loose leaf, don’t buy a glass tea box since the transparent material cannot provide your tea with light protection and UV protection, which will degrade your teas as we mentioned in part 1. If you have a tea box with a glass cover, try to put it in an environment that is dry and dark.

2. Don’t buy wooden tea boxes that have odors

Some wood materials may have natural odors which will get your teas affected.
You should check what kind of wood they use before buying the tea box. And read the customers review to see if there is anything that you should notice. If you are not 100% sure about the wood materials, you can confirm with the seller. Many of them also guarantee money back if you are not satisfied with it.

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