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5 Amazing Hammocks with Wooden Stand


Who does not want to lay in a great hammock in the shade when the weather is hot out there. With a can of cold soda, you can start to enjoy the pleasures of the summer.

Are you still searching what kind of hammock stand you should buy? Then look no further.

No matter where you live, a wooden hammock stand is always a solid choice for you. You can place it on where you want to take a cozy nap. Backyard, patio, anywhere you like.

Usually, the hammock stands are made of neither steel nor wood. For me, I feel like the wooden frames for hammock are more stable, decorative and natural.

Are you feeling tired of choosing the right one? Don’t worry. I’m here to help you.

You can check out the list below, and all the features and sizes of these great hammocks & wooden stands are simply listed for you.

Besides, you can also see the frequently asked questions about hammocks and the answers to them.

Now, let’s get down to business and see these tremendous wooden hammock stands we choose.

1. Lazy Daze Hammocks with Wood Arc Hammock Stand

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“The Art of Doing Nothing” Their slogan is kind of funny and descriptive for selling a hammock.

With strong Russian pinewood stand, the Lazy Dazy hammock will make you feel much comfier and secure.

They claim the varnish on the wood will protect the hammock stand from fading, mold, and mildew.

This hammock does have not only a wooden arc stand but also a hardwood spreader bar, which makes the whole product looks stable.

The Dimension of the hammock bed is 78 x 55 inches. It’s a decent size. But for two people, I am slightly doubtful though.


  • 450 pounds weight capacity
  • Varnished pinewood material
  • Light product weight: 63.9lbs


  • The length of the wooden stand is only 12ft long, might be a bit short

2. Giantex Hammock with Wooden Stand Chair

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The wooden stand might be a bit pricey, but it’s worthy.

The Giantex Hammock provides you with durable cotton fabric and solid rope, ensuring you feel 100% relax and cozy right there.

The hammock size is 79 x 59.5 inches, and the Russian larch wood arc stand looks like a good piece for your balcony and garden.


  • Sturdy Russian larch wood
  • Cozy polyester cotton hammock
  • Easy assembly


  • Heavy Product Weight: 94lbs
  • Weight capacity is only 330lbs

3. Outsunny Outdoor Hammock with Canopy and Wooden Arc Stand

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With a canopy, you don’t need to be bothered by the heat and rain.

This hammock utilizes weatherproof fabric and Russian Larch so that you can leave the hammock outside without any worries.

Also, the hammock is bi-layered and breathable, and you won’t feel uncomfortable when lying on it.

The firm hardwood stand can support up to 440lbs, that is secure and safe.


  • Water-resistant fabric
  • Durable design
  • Built-in canopy
  • Adjusted height


  • Require extra work to assemble

4. Best Choice Products Hammock with Wood Curved Stand

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If you are buying a small-sized hammock with stained wood stand, you should take a look at this.

The overall product dimension is 145”(L) x 45”(W) x 55”(H), and the fabric is made of quilted cotton with a size of 78.75″(L) x 55″(W).

The hammock comes with decent craftsmanship and fadeproof varnished pinewood that is a kind of hardwood.


  • Price-friendly
  • Quilted cotton mat


  • Small Sized
  • The wood stand’s weight limit is only 275lbs

5. Petra Leisure Natural Wooden Hammock

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The wooden European larch wood is ideal for making a hammock stand, and the 14ft long stand makes it easy for you to change your owned hammock bed on the market

The wood material is 100% natural & waterproof. It also comes with a fade-resistant cotton fabric cushion that is suitable for two people.

You have 3 options on this model: coffee stain, natural stain and teak stain. What a thrill.


  • High weight capacity
  • Waterproof material
  • Wooden stand’s size is excellent (14ft)


  • Pricey

#2 Frequently Asked Questions about Hammock Stands

Q1: What size should I choose when selecting a hammock stand?

A1: If you already have a hammock, then you need to buy a hammock stand that is 2 feet longer than your hammock.

Let’s say your hammock bed is 13ft long, and then you should buy a 15ft hammock stand.

If you don’t have a hammock and you are considering buying a hammock with a wooden stand, you should check out the what length of the hammock fits you first.

Normally, the hammock’s length should be 4 feet longer than your height.

Q2: Should I cover the hammock when it’s raining?

A2: Usually, the hammocks with wooden stand are waterproof, you don’t really have to cover it.

But it would be better to move it to another place when the weather is extreme.

For example, it might get stained or damaged when there is a typhoon outside.

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