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Looking for Wooden Walking Sticks? Read this First


Looking into finding wooden walking sticks for hiking? Searching for the best wood walking stick for daily use?

Perhaps you’re longing for something more special like handmade wooden walking sticks, but didn’t know where to start?

In this post, I’m going to take you to step by step through the process of understanding what wooden walking stick cane options are out there, how to spot the best wood walking stick and how to DIY a homemade wooden walking stick.


Common Types of Wood for Wooden Walking Sticks

There are various types of wood used in making wooden canes for walking across the board. Before you get your hands on the wooden walking stick cane, it’s essential to get to know the common types of wood for walking sticks.

Ash Wood Walking Sticks

One of the most common woods used in carved wooden walking stick is Ash. Hard, robust and relatively lightweight, these are the features that make ash walking sticks popular among hikers and strollers.

Black Cherry Wooden Walking Sticks

Black cherry is highly prized for wooden walking sticks for its workability, grain pattern and resistance to decay. Seasoned hikers and casual strollers would also enjoy its one of the best strength-to-weight ratios of common hardwood in North America.

Oak Wood Walking Sticks

Oakwood is a rather popular hardwood for wooden walking sticks for its unique characteristics of robustness and aesthetics. Durable, hard, and in a stunning light color with a prominent grain, these qualities make oak wood walking sticks a desirable choice for vintage wooden walking stick and ladies walking canes.

While the ash, blackberry, and oak are the most common types of wood for walking canes, you’ll still find huge numbers of walking stick types across the board to choose from, such as hazel walking sticks, blackthorn walking canes and holm oak collapsible wooden walking stick.

Editor’s Choices: Top 5 Wooden Walking Sticks

1. Harvy Wooden Walking Cane

Imported from Germany, the Harvy wooden walking cane is an ideal choice if you are looking for a walking stick with a beautiful handle.

The handle is scorched with dark, subtle cherry finish mounted on a carved spiral shaft.

The whole product dimensions are 6 x 4 x 1 inches, which makes it easy to carry and convenient to pack.

It’s a solid cane for the money.

2. SE Natural Wood Walking/Hiking Stick

The SE WS634-55P, which only weights 16oz, is a full-sized and versatile walking and hiking stick.

The walking stick features a steel spike and a removable rubber tip. Which helps absorb the impact and have excellent traction on different landscapes.

We all know the weather could be a challenge for outdoor activity, the weather-resistant finish also makes you don’t have to worry about the rain and snow.

3. Duro-Med Walnut Wooden Walking Cane

Made in the USA, The Walnut wooden cane is lightweight and robust.

The walking stick has a metal insert for added durability, and the curved handle makes your hand feel secure and comfortable without hand strain.

You are free to cut the stick to fit your hight (the original size is 36 inches)

If you are looking for a budget-friendly wooden walking stick, this is the one you should go for.

4. Brazos Wooden Walking Sticks for Men and Women

With ergonomically designed, this walking cane provides better grip comfort and security.

Each cane is handmade and made from the finest woods including hickory, red oak, walnut, and so on.

The finish is polished smoothly with exquisite detail, and the appearance is rustic.

You have various handles and colors to choose from. There is always a walking stick for you.

Since skilled local craftsmen handcraft each cane, it’s a bit pricey when it comes to the price.

5. Latchfords Irish Blackthorn Walking Stick

The walking stick is made of blackthorn, which is a hard and durable wood grown in Ireland.

With a natural painted black with a rough texture, the sturdy walking stick fits well in people’s hand.

Using this cane to get around is easy and pleasant.

If you prefer walking cane with a dark color, you can not miss this one.


After seeing these great wooden sticks, still can’t make up your mind?

Among so many options, which one is right for me? Continue reading.

How to Choose the Best Wooden Walking Sticks?


To give you a leg up on choosing the best wooden walking sticks for you, I’ve put together a list of factors you should consider.

Durability — The durability of the stick is a function of its service life and certainly becomes a fundamental factor to be
considered. For those who want to make sure the wooden talking sticks won’t be worn out or break easily during long-distance hiking, strong hardwood hiking staff will do just you fine.

Weight — Trust me. You wouldn’t want to carry an extremely heavy walking stick walking around all day. The weight of the stick is certainly something you should consider according to your strength, body weight, health condition and time of use.

Grip Comfort — Whether or not the grip handle of the walking cane is comfortable to grasp is something that you definitely need to put into consideration. Look for wooden walking sticks that come with a specially crafted handle which is designed to relieve stress off your hands and wrists.

Length — To attain a basic level of support and assist with balance from walking sticks, you’ll need to get walking sticks of certain heights to fit
your needs. If it’s for daily casual walking, the wooden walking stick should be set at the wrist crease height. And you’ll need a longer one, almost to your shoulder, if you’re considering walking sticks for hiking or for climbing hills.

Apart from all those bullet points mentioned, the diameter, branches, wood color, and the design are the features you may need to consider as well.

How to Make Your Own Handmade Wooden Walking Sticks?

If you’re after something special and customized, making your own handmade wooden walking sticks would be a brilliant choice.

Let’s get started. Follow the step-by-step video guide to make your own handmade walking cane from start to finish:

Steps must be completed for a solid handmade wooden walking cane:

  • Choose a good piece of wood.
  • Saw it to the length that best fits your needs and smoothes down the knobs.
  • Whittle off the bark and sand the sticks.
  • Stain your walking canes with wood stain.
  • Dry your sticks for a day or two.
  • Apply a sealant to your carved walking sticks.

Wrapping up

Well! Now that you’ve grasped what I shared about wooden walking sticks in this post, you’re well ready to pick the best wooden walking stick across the board or to make your own carved walking stick from scratch.

In the meantime, tell me in the comments below — Are you going to buy a wooden walking stick or to make custom walking canes?

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  1. just starting out on making walking sticks and I use ceder which is not too heavy but I need real good designs like faces or animal faces .
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