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Bamboo and Wooden Keyboards, Elegant and Chic


Dealing with work all day can be dull and annoying, especially when you have a greasy keyboard in front of you.

Cleaning your old keyboard that is full of dirt and oil is 100% a pain in the neck, and you will never realize how nasty it is until you remove the keycaps.

Why are you not trying something else that will amaze you – wooden Keyboards or Bamboo Keyboards

Perhaps you have never thought that wood can be used for electronic products.

Besides wooden keyboards, actually there are more and more manufacturer start to use wood as the material for their products’ cover since woods and the bamboo plant can provide naturalness and sturdiness.

For example, wooden PC mouse, wooden speaker, wooden headphone, etc.

Replacing metal and plastic with wood or bamboo is not just for its look, woods and bamboo are more environmental and has better hand texture.

Now, look back at the keyboards. I would introduce you some unique keyboards that are made out of wood or bamboos, which will truly amaze you.

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1. 4 Amazing Wooden/Bamboo Keyboards

2. Are Wooden Keyboards Great for You?

#1. Best Wooden Keyboards & Bamboo Keyboards

It’s kind of Weird when I first heard of wooden keyboards.

But as a wood product lover, I decided to do some research online and see how they work by watching wooden keyboards Youtube review and analysis.

Guess what? You will never know awesome it is until you touch the wooden keyboard cap.

Now, let’s see the best wooden and bamboo keyboards and learn more about them.

1. SNGU Bamboo Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Rated as ‘Amazon choice for wooden keyboards’, the SNGU keyboard and mouse combo can meet your needs for daily typing comfortably and smoothly.

The bamboo material is handmade and robust, and the low-profile keys provide a quiet but great typing experience.

Typing words with a wooden keyboard like this will help you to release your pressure and combat your fatigue.

It also comes with a bamboo mouse since it’s a combo but you only need one nano-receiver to connect them both at the same time.

Two pieces of AAA batteries are included in the package so you don’t need to buy them separately.

For people who use Windows system, it’s compatible with XP, NT, Vista, Win7, Win8, Win10. Besides, it also supports MAC OS for Mac users.

The matching steps are easy and simple, you only need 3 steps to get your device connected and matched. That is quite a bonus for me who hates the complex matching process of wireless devices.

2. Smart Tech Bamboo Wooden Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Same as the first one, this full-sized natural wooden keyboard and its mouse share one receiver.

As a typing keyboard, the bamboo makes it more aesthetic and functional than others.

The keyboard and mouse have matched already to the USB receiver which is inside the mouse when you receive the item.

You can adjust the mouse resolution from 1000 to 1500 DPI without difficulty.

Its compatibility looks good and it’s compatible with XP/NT/Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10, MAC OS, Linux, Android, and IOS. That means you can even connect it with your mobile or tablet.

3. Impecca 100% Bamboo Handcrafted Keyboard & Mouse Combo

If you have concerns for signal strength and lags of wireless wood keyboard and you preferred wired keyboard and mouse.

You should see this Impecca bamboo wood keyboard with a mouse package.

The combo contains a wired keyboard and a wired mouse, all of them are made of handcrafted natural bamboo.

It supports Windows2000 – Windows10, and the ‘click-clack’ sound of the keys is pleasant.

Some people may be wondering if the keys are plastic and painted as wood’s color. No, the whole cover is made of 100% bamboo, no tricks no gimmicks.

4. Tbridge Wireless Full Bamboo Handmade Computer Keyboard

If a standard keyboard does not suit your needs and you are looking for something more compact and ergonomic, the Tbridge wireless wooden keyboard with a product dimension of 13.3 x 6.5 x 1.5 inches will be an ideal option.

“Warm in winter and cool in summer”, the natural touch texture stated by its copy is quite attractive. You may keep on thinking how it feels like until you buy one.

Having a USB nanometer receiver, you can easily connect the keyboard through 2.4G wifi signal to your Windows or Mac system.

Even the size is compact and mini, but don’t underestimate its durability. The Keystroke lifetime is over 5 million cycles.

#2 If You Should Buy Bamboo or Wooden Keyboards?

I’m not going to tell everybody to buy a wooden keyboard just because I’m a wooden products lover.

So I’m not going to be biased here. Are wooden keyboards suitable for you?

If you are a gameholic or you require precise movement and loud click-clack sound that makes feel like you are typing at double speed.

You should probably go for a mechanical keyboard that is made for high-speed input.

As a normal user like me, a person who does not have many requirements for crazy keyboard operation, the wooden keyboards are not much different than other membrane keyboards except it’s more comfortable when you press those little wooden keycaps.

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